20 terms

ch 13 - services

characteristics of services
1) intangibility
2) inseparability
3) perishability (cannot be stored)
4) heterogeneity (variation in quality)
5) client-based relationships
6) customer contact
core service
basic service customer expects to receive
supplementary service
relates to core service, DIFFERENTIATES service bundle from competitors
makes it difficult for consumers to evaluate a service prior to purchase
advantage: marketers can customize services to match the specific needs of individual customers
tangible cues
well-groomed personnel, clean facilities
very important, since it's the only thing a consumer SEES
promotion of services
more likely to promote price, guarantee, availibility, etc. than goods mfr
word-of-mouth is extremely important, b/c heterogeneity and intangibility of services
pricing of services
1) performance of specific tasks
2) demand-base pricing (perishability, peak demand)
since services are intangible, consumers rely more on the PRICE
service quality
customers' perception of how ell service meets or exceeds expectations
experience qualities
attributes judged during purchase or consumption of service
credence qualities
attributes consumers are unable to eval even after purchasing b/c you lack SKILL (like fixing car)
zone of tolerance
diff b/w "desired" lvl of service & "acceptable" lvl of service
employee performance
direct rel.ship b/w satisfaction of employees & customers
customer contact employees are often least-trained and lowest paid
nonprofit organization marketing
uses marketing concepts & techniques by organizations whose goals don't include making profits
social marketing
promotes social causes (AIDS research, recycling)
nonprofit marketing
allows greater opps for creativity
chief beneficiaries are the nonprofit's clients, public, etc.
target public
(nonprofit) collection of indiv who have interest/concern about an organiz., social cause, product
client public
direct consumer of the product
general public
indirect consumer of the product
nonprofit's marketing mix
distribution - how ideas & services will be made available to clients
promotion - advertising & publicity
pricing - based on user's ability to pay, when nonprofits accept donations, they use variable pricing