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This word comes from the Greek word for "love of wisdom,"


Greek thinkers who believed the human mind could understand everything.


Greek philosopher that taught his pupils that the universe followed the same laws that governed music and numbers.


Professional teachers in ancient Greece who traveled from city to city teaching. They believed that there is no absolute right or wrong.


Athenian sculptor whose true love was philosophy.

Socratic method

Way of teaching invented by Socrates that is still used today. He asked pointed questions to force his pupils to use their reason and to see things for themselves.

absolute truth or absolute right and wrong

A belief of Socrates.


One of Socrates students

The Republic

Written by Plato

Rebel against the state

In 399 BC the leaders of Athens accused Socrates of teaching young Athenians to do this.

Philosopher kings

Plato believed this group should rule society.

Golden mean

Idea Aristotle taught his pupils that a person should do nothing in excess. The should not eat too much or to little but just enough to stay well.


Studied and compared the governments of 158 different places to find the best form of government.


Book written by Aristotle that divided governments into 3 types. He believed mixed government was best.


Wrote the history of the Persian wars.

"Father of history"

Herodotus was called this by western historians.


Wrote the History of the Peloponnesia War and was considered by many historians to be the greatest historian of the ancient world.

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