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  1. Pietra serena
  2. intonaco
  3. fresco secco
  4. sinopia
  5. piazza
  1. a underdrawings
  2. b a gray Tuscan sandstone; architectural details engraved in this
  3. c fresh, thin coat of very fine plaster
  4. d paint applied to dry plastered wall (paint tends to flake off)
  5. e square

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  1. paint applied with water based paints on wet plaster
  2. rough, thick undercoat of plaster
  3. having city pride
  4. a cathedral which is the seat of the bishop
  5. "palace;" large family home or government building

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  1. companelebell tower


  2. maniera grecagreek manner


  3. Sgraffitorough, thick undercoat of plaster


  4. Rusticatedthe rough, irregular and unfinished effect deliberately given to the exterior facing of a stone edifice


  5. grisaillebell tower