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Business Law-Chapter 2

Spring 2011- Business Law with Charles Lako Chapter 2: The Court System
ADR means...?
Alternate Dispute Resolution
The first 10 Amendments are known as...?
The Bill of Rights
The party who claims to have suffered
The party who allegedly harmed the plaintiff
The right and power to interpret and enforce the law.
In personam jurisdiction
The best power and authority can have over the defendant in a civil case.
In Rem Jurisdiction
Court authority over a property dispute.
Exclusive Jurisdiction
Only one type of Court can hear a case. Ex. Only a Federal Court can hear a bankruptcy or copyright case.
Long Arm Jurisdiction
When a person commits a crime in another state, they can required to return to where the damage was caused to defend yourself, rather than the plaintiff going to your state to sue you.
Concurrent Jurisdiction
Where more than one level Court has jurisdiction over a case.
The geographic location of the Court.
Grand Jury
Citizens subpoenaed to be a member of the jury.
Obligations of the Grand Jury...
listens to the evidence ( criminal cases) by govt. attorney. The accused is not present.
True Bill
The Grand Jury found sufficient evidence in a criminal case. The accused is found guilty.
No Bill
The Grand Jury did not find enough sufficient evidence in a criminal case.
How many Justices does the US Supreme Court have?
A Petition for Certiorari must be filed...
when one seeks to have the case heard by the Supreme Court.
A Writ of Certiorari is issued when...?
the US Supreme Court grants a hearing.
Examples of Federal Courts..
U.S. Supreme Court, US District Courts of Appeal, US District Court
Examples of State Courts
State Supreme Court, State Court of Appeal; Circuit or Superior Court