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c) Help the client select appropriate attire and offer to help the client get dressed

Helping the client select appropriate attire and offering help in getting dressed aid the client in decision-making; new situations may be stressful and may lead to ambivalent feelings. Helping the client dress and explaining when residents are expected at the activity are not sharing decision-making; the client may not remember this explanation in the future. Reminding the client to dress more quickly to avoid delaying the other residents may make the client feel guilty and may increase anxiety. The client may perceive being told that the opportunity to attend the activity has been missed as punishment.

Test-Taking Tip: The most reliable way to ensure that you select the correct response to a multiple-choice question is to recall it. Depend on your learning and memory to furnish the answer to the question. To do this, read the stem, and then stop! Do not look at the response options yet. Try to recall what you know and, based on this, what you would give as the answer. After you have taken a few seconds to do this, then look at all of the choices and select the one that most nearly matches the answer you recalled. It is important that you consider all the choices and not just choose the first option that seems to fit the answer you recall. Remember the distractors. The second choice may look okay, but the fourth choice may be worded in a way that makes it a slightly better choice. If you do not weigh all the choices, you are not maximizing your chances of correctly answering each question.