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1. The New Deal


1. Truman Doctrine
2. Marshall Plan (European Recovery Program)


1. Massive Retaliation
2. "Roll Back" Policy
3. U-2 Spy Plane


1. Cuban Missle Crisis (Bay of Pigs, Cuban Blockade, etc.)


1. Great Society (form of New Deal)
2. Passed the Civil Rights Act (1964)


1. Recognized Red China
2. SALT I and the ABM Treaty
3. Watergate


1."Lame Duck"
2. Helsinki Accords
3.Withdrew U.S. troops from the Vietnam War


1. Withdrew from SALT II
2. Did nothing to solve the Iranian Hostage Crisis
3. Boycotted the Summer Olympics in Moscow


1. Rhetoric: Evil Empire Speech
2. Militarized the U.S. causing the Soviet Union follow suit and go bankrupt
3. SDI's: "Star Wars"

Bush I

1. Unable to deal with the U.S. deficit problem and economic downturn


1. "New Democrat"
2. Succeeded in fixing the U.S. economy

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