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  1. Mesopotamia
  2. blockbusting
  3. forum
  4. situation
  5. McGee model
  1. a rapid change in the racial composition of residential clocks in American cities that occurs when real estate agents and others stir up fears of neighborhood decline after encouraging people of color to move to previously white neighborhoods. In the resulting outmigration, real estate agents profit through the turnover of properties.
  2. b the external locational attributes of a place; its relative location or regional position with reference to other nonlocal places
  3. c developed by geographer T.G. ____, a model showing similar land-use patterns among the medium sized cites of Southeast Asia
  4. d the focal point of ancient Roman life combining the functions of the ancient Greek acropolis and agora
  5. e region of great cities located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers; chronologically the first urban hearth, dating to 3500, and which was founded in the Fertile Crescent

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  1. the internal physical attributes of a place, including its absolute location, its spatial character and physical setting
  2. the movement of millions of Americans from northern and northeastern States to the South and Southwest regions of the U.S.
  3. proposed by Walter Christaller that explains how and where central places in the urban hierarchy should be functionally and spatially distributed with respect to one another
  4. the urban area that is not suburban; generally, the older and original city that is surounded by newer suburbs
  5. the very poorest parts of cities that in extreme cases are not even connected to regular city services and are conrolled by gangs or drug lords

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  1. trade arearegion adjacent to every town and city within which its influence is dominant


  2. zoning lawsarea of a city with a relatively uniform land use (e.g. industrial or residential ).


  3. commercializationmovement of upper and middle-class people from urban core areas to the surrounding outskirts to escape pollution as well as deteriorating social conditions (perceived and actual).


  4. acropolisliterally "high point of the city." the upper fortified part of an ancient Greek city, usually devoted to religious purposes


  5. suburbthe focal point of ancient Roman life combining the functions of the ancient Greek acropolis and agora