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CWC China

founded by han fei tzu
founded by lao tzu
everyone has to play a proper role, stay in your place
Wade-Giles Translation
simplified chinese, came before pinyin
simplified chinese, more modern than wade-gales and used more
key belief of buddhism, nothing is permanent, everything in life changes
buddhist concept of desire, why humans will never be satisfied
simplified chinese
1952, fewer strokes per character
to reach enlightenment by freeing yourself from want
Noble Eightfold Path
knowledge of the cause and end of suffering, kind thoughts, right speech, right conduct, "practice what you preach", right effort to train oneself, keen and active mind, meditate: cleanse the mind
middle path
everything is in moderation
Wu Wei
do nothing
Filial Piety
a very important confucian virtue: respect your parents
first truth
all good things must come to an end
second truth
as long as humans continue to want things they will never be happy
third truth
in order to end suffering, humans must free themselves from want