8 terms

8 Roles of the President

Presidential and Executive; Ch13
Chief Executive
executive power to enforce and lead the nation
Commander in Chief
directing military, controls military aresenal like tanks.
and 3rdly always has the "football" (brief case containing codes to launch the nuclear missles of the US at some nation.)
Chief Legislature
* sets public policy
* Through Union, initiates suggests, requests, insists, and demands legislation. Campaignes and lobbies for certian bills to be passed. Prop #s
Chief Administrator
Representative of the Nation.
Runs and directs the 2-7 million government officials with a budget of $2.5 trillion a year.
Annually meets with the VP, secretaries of Defence, state and security. and Joint Chief of Staff.
Chief of Citizens
5th role; Represent (the interests) of all ppl. "the representitative of all the people"
Chief of the Party
Party leader: Awknoledged leader of the party that controls the excecutive branch.
Chief Diplomat
The main architect of US foreign policy and the nation's chief spokesman to the rest of the world.
Formal Qualifications
1. Natural born citizen,
2. 35 years old +
3. 14years of residency in the US