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Health Semester Final (FILL IN THE BLANKS)

Mental Health
Interacting well with people is an example of good ____________.
Controllable risk factor
Smoking, poor diet, and sedentary lifestyle are ___________________ that contributes to the development of heart disease.
Health risk Behavior
Most of the serious issues that affect teens are related to ____________________.
Cultural Influence
Hereditary influences, social influences, and _________________ impact your health.
Public Health
The practice of protecting and improving the health in a community is ______________.
Spiritual Health
A belief in a unifying force is an example of ______________.
Risk Factor
Uncontrollable _____________ for disease includes age, gender, race, and heredity.
Not exericing on a regular basis is known as ___________.
Environmental Health
The six components of health include physical health, mental health, social health, emotional health spiritual health, and _________________.
Optional health is described by the term "__________".
A message designed to teach people about the issue is called a(n) ________.
When you deal with problems and troubles in an effective way, you are using the life skill ____________.
A _____________ is a person who buys products and services.
Media includes all ________ forms of communication.
A consequence is a ________ of your actions and decisions.
To ___________ is to work together with one or more people.
Action Plan
A(n) ___________ is a set of direction that will help you reach your goal.
Communicating Effectively
The life skill ____________ teaches you to listen and speak effectively.
using refusal skills
The life skill ____________ provides you with different ways to say no.
action plan
When you make a(n) _________, you should include awards,influence, and a way to track progress.
Some Negative _____________ of decisions are tobacco addiction, pregnancy, and getting into a car accident.
The suggestion that a goal should be ______________ means that reading the goals should make you feel good about yourself.
The suggestion that a goal should be ______________ means that the steps to achieve the goal should be clear.
The suggestion that a goal should be ______________ means that your parents or other adults would stand by your decision to work towards the goal.
One characteristics of a mentally healthy person is being able to handle daily ____________.
Mentally Healthy
A _______________ person does not rely on defense mechanisms to deal with problems.
Holding in your ____________ can be destructive to your mental and emotional health.
In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, seeking acceptance and affection is a characteristic of the _____________ stage.
Helena always seems to be complaining of some ache or pain and insists that she is ill. She complains frequently because none can find anything wrong with her. Helena may have _______________.
Maintaining eye contact, leaning forward and facing the speaker, and asking questions are all __________ listening.
"I" message
When you use a(n) ____________, you calmly and firmly say how you feel without person.
Expressing yourself directly but with respect for others is _____________ communication.
If you have ______________ for others, you are able to understand another person's attitude.
Body Language
If what you say contradicts your ________________, people may be confused by all means.
Low Self-Esteem
People with low _______________ often criticize themselves and others.
Some mental disorders, such as phobias, can develop as a result of a __________.
Replacing negative ___________ with positive messages about your abilities is a ___of improving your self-esteem.
Time management includes being able to _______ your goals, or arrange the importance.
Regular exercise not only keeps a person physically fit, but also relieves _________.
Deep breathing to help slow down heart rate and decrease blood pressure is one type of _______________ Technique.
Positive stress, or __________, energizes people and helps them reach their goals.
Having a __________ attitude about the outcome of a potentially stressful event lessens stress.
You can respond to a stress ___________ and behaviorally.
Stress related
Backaches, migraine headaches, and high blood pressure are often __________________.
People who are ___________ have many assets that help them feel strong, capable, and healthy.
Taking on more responsibilities than one can handle could be an indication of not knowing one's _________.
Memorial Service
The body of a deceased is not present at _________________.
If a terminally ill person believes that he or she will get well because a cure will be found for the disease , that person is in the ________ stage.
Allowing yourself to _________ helps you heal from the pain of loss.
Blaming yourself or others for a loss is part of the _______ stage of the grieving process.
A _____ provides family and friends an opportunity to view the deceased before the funeral.
Suicide usually doesn't happen without a ________ of some kind.
Giving away possessions, neglecting his or her appearances, and withdrawal from friends and family might be warning signs of __________.
relieve pain
Analgesics are used to ______________.
A medicine that increases alertness and helps a person with ADHD focus his or her attention is called a(n) ______________.
Anoxicillin is a(n) __________, which acts by killing bacteria to help cure infections.
Insulin is a(n) __________ that lowers blood suger.
Topical Application
Applying medicine directly to certain body areas for absorption through the skin is called __________________.
A substance that is used to cure or treat an illness or injury is called a ____________.
A drug that increases alertness, such as methylphenidate, is called a(n) _________.
The exact amount of a drag to be taken, specifically by a prescription or OTC label, is called its ______.
A _________ drug is a drug or medicine that affects the brain and changes perceptions, thought, or feelings.
Side effect
An effect that sometimes occurs along with the expected effect of a drug is a _________.
The small spaces between neurons where neurotransmitters are released are call _________.