A320/A319 Flight Management & Navigation

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DATA: selects the DATA INDEX page. This provides access to additional pages that display things like position, aircraft status, database items, and pilot stored data.

INIT: displays the INIT (initialization) page. Broken
down into INIT pages A and B, these pages allow for flight plan initialization and entry of basic flight

PERF: accesses the various aircraft performance pages that display data, predictions, and speeds associated witheach FMS phase of flight. When selected, the first page in view reflects information for the current phase of flight.

PROG: displays the prog page. It reflects info that is constantly being updated by the FMS.

DIR: the DIR TO (direct to) page which allows you to go direct to a navaid, nav fix, or a waypoint.

F-PLN: displays the flight plan page where a leg by leg description of the active route can be viewed and modified. When selected, the "top" of the flight plan is shown.

RAD NAV: displays the RADIO NAV page where select navaids that have been autotuned by the FMGCs can be viewed. Also allows you to manually tune navaids.

FUEL PRED: displays the FUEL PRED (fuel prediction page). Fields such as fuel and time predictions are shown. It also shows the FMGC calculated fuel values along with the aircraft gross weight.

SEC F-PLAN: displays the SEC INDEX page which allows access to the secondary flight plan features.

ATC COMM: accesses the ATC MENU pages that
allows for datalink communications with ATC. This
key/page is not active for the A320/A319 fleet.

MCDU MENU: this serves as the main menu key. It
allows access to various systems linked to the MCDU. This includes FMGC, ACARS, and CFDS functions.

AIRPORT: this also displays the flight plan page.
When selected, the "bottom" of the flight plan is shown.