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Origins of World War One

This is a general overview of the period 1900 - 1914 and the build up to World War I
How had Germany changed during the 19th Century?
Germany had become a united country.
In 1871 Germany beat France easily and became one country.
They humiliated France by signing the peace in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles and took Alsace and Lorraine
What two forces had dominated international relations before 1914?
Nationalism - the belief that your country came first

Imperialism - the belief that strong nations had the right to take over weaker nations.
Who were the main Imperial powers?
Britian had an empire that covered one fifth of the globe.
France had a huge Empire in North Africa.

Russia had an empire that stretched across Asia.
How did the empires of Britain, France and Russia make Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II feel?
Wilhelm became Kaiser in 1888 and wanted an empire too. He said he wanted Germany to have its place in the sun.
How did Germany's ambition destabilise the world?
Germany was a powerfful economic country and had a strong military.

This meant they could fight for the colonies and come up against the interests of Britain, France and Russia.
How did the other nations respond to Germany's ambition?
They began to form defensive alliances which stated that if they were attacked their allies would support them.
How would militarism back up the system of alliances?
The idea of militarism was to have a strong army to put of other countries from attacking your country or your allies.
How did the tensions increase from 1900 to 1914 between Britain and Germany?
Germany built a huge navy to rival Britain's navy.
How did France and Germany clash?
They clashed over Morrocco, once in 1905 and again in 1911. Both times the alliances held and Germany backed down.
How did the decline of the Turkish empire increase this rivalry between the alliances?
The Turkish empire had declined in the Balkans and in its place emerged new Slav-nations, such as Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, who were independent.
Why did the rise of nationalism in the Balkans worry Austria Hungary?
Austria Hungary had a great many Slav people within its borders, who wished to join the newly independent nations.