el aguador

A man who sells water door to door

los aguinaldos - Are?

Xmas gifts/bonus

los aguinaldos For Who?

For people who work for you i.e. maid, chauffer, mailman, newspaper person

las alpargatas


el ateneo

Intellectual club that meets to talk about scholarly topics.

el azafrán

Saffron - Very expensive spice used in dishes like paella

los azulejos


la boina

Beret like a French beret

los churros

Fried dough sometimes with powdered sugar/cinnamon. Usually a snack.

decir la buenaventura

To tell fortunes

de nuevo

To do something again

el gordo

Lottery prize

los gitanos

Gypsies that usually live in the Southern part of Spain

el jai-alai

Sport played a lot in Spain like handball but with a long pole with a net.

la llave

The key

la mantilla

Scarf usually of silk worn over the head by women. Some churches will not allow women in without one over your head.

el marisco


la merienda

Afternoon snack

la misa de gallo

Midnight mass at Christmas

la muleta

The matadors stick

el nacimiento

Manger scene usually life size set up at Christmas


Christmas Eve

el nombre de pila

First name

la paella

Spanish rice dish with shellfish and azafran



por consiguiente


el puchero

National dish of Spain - a stew

puesto que


las rejas - What are they?

Bars on windows

las rejas - Who tends to be there?

Boyfriend talking to girl inside in her house while he stands outside.

Los Reyes Magos

The Three Kings

se sueltan a correr

Are let loose to run

el sereno

Man who would carry keys to let you in your house. People tip him. He will also yell out the time.

soler + infinitive (suelen + infinitive)

To usually... to be in the habit of...

el sorteo

Drawing of numbers in a lottery

la siesta


las tapas

Appetizers like food served in bars that are more like mini meals. Usually cheap.

la tertulia

Informal reunion usually in your home

el torero


la tuna

Group of college musicians

"pelando la pava"

Chatting/flirting conversation at the rejas between boyfriend/girlfriend.



la costumbre


La vida


la horchata

A drink made with almonds, water, sugar


Basque (ethnic group in the western Pyrenees of Spain)


If not but


To throw


To catch

la cesta

The basket

la propina





Of the street

los villancicos

Christmas carols

El Día de la Raza - When?

October 12th

El Día de la Raza - What?

Columbus Day

El Día de los Difuntos - When?

Nov 1st & 2nd

El Día de los Difuntos - What?

Day of the Dead

El día del Santo

Saint Day - celebrated like a birthday

La Semana Santa

Holy Week

La Pascua Florida


La Fiesta de San Fermin

The running of the bulls

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