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The Arms Race 1900 -1914

Detailed description of the build up of armies before World War I
Why did the military leaders of Europe believe they need big armies?
They believed that by having big armies the would ensure peace.

A strong army would deter other countries from attacking them.

This was supported by the arms manufacturers who made vast profits from the arms trade.
What did France and Russia do to to increase the size of their armies?
It raised the period of conscription from 2 to 3 years.

Russia raised the period from 3 to 3 and a half years.

This increased the amount of trained soliders.
Who's army was the most powerful?
Although Russia had the largest army Germany's army was better equipped and its soldiers were better trained.
Why did Britian need a big navy?
It was an island nation with a big overseas empire

It had a small army.
How did the naval rivalry between Germany and Britian begin?
In 1906 they both began to Dreadnoughts.

They were a new kind of battleship.
When did the Naval Race reach its peak?
In 1909 the British announced they would build 4 dreadnoughts but Germany refused to limit how many they would build.

British public put pressure on the government to build more dreadnoughts. The slogan was 'We ant 8 and we won't wait'.

the government gave in and agreed to build more.
What was the effects of the naval race?
It made the British resent and fear the Germans.

Made the British build relationships with France.