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Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, Protestant Reformation, WWI, WWII, Cold War


French word means 'rebirth'

Christopher Columbus

sailed to the "New World" on three ships: The Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria

William Shakespeare

He was English, he wrote Romeo and Juliet, and MacBeth


painted the Sistine Chapel

Industrial Revolution

steam engine, spinning jenny, cotton gin, light bulb

Gutenburg Press

printing press with moveable type

indirect democracy

when people elect someone to make laws for them

Martin Luther

leader of the Protestant religious Reformation

Renaissance people

da Vinci, Michelangelo, and William Shakespeare

Francis Ferdinand

Austria-Hungary blamed Serbia for this man's assassination


capital, natural resources, and labor

Peace Treaty 1919

Germany was blamed for WWI, Germany had to pay for the WWI, and Germany wasn't allowed to rebuild their army

Allied Powers - WWII

United Kingdom, USA, France, Russia - Soviet Union

Axis Powers - WWII

Japan, Germany and Italy


a government that rules alone and is usually violent

the Lusitania

When this ship was sunk - the USA joined WWI

Cold War

America and the Soviet Union


strong pride in one's country

direct democracy

when people vote on every issue


a strong country taking over a weaker country


when German Nazi's killed millions of Jews


when a country builds up their weapons


When this country bombed Pearl Harbor, America (USA) joined into WWII.


people who must flee to another country because of danger or jobs


killing all the people of a certain race or religion

What war used trench warfare?



a country that has a queen and king and has absolute rule


What country has a harsh climate, is the world's largest country, and spans two continents?

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