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Randy - Secret

Father abandoned hime

Randy - Description

strong, eats a lot, trainer for Double Dutch

Delia - Secret

Can't read

Delia - Description

likes Double Dutch, lives with mom

Yo-Yo - Problem

She always lies

Yo-Yo - Description

long hair, the best Double Dutch jumper


Cincinatti, Ohio

Flashback - Randy

We find out Randy's mom abandoned him a few years ago.

Flashback - Delia

We find out Delia had a lot of teachers who didn't care, that's why she can't read

Flashback - Definition

When the author breaks up the flow of a story to tell about a character's past, or events from the past.

Foreshadowing - Randy

We get hints that Randy may have problems in the future when we see that he doesn't have much food at his house.

Foreshadowing - Delia

We get a hint that Delia has a problem with school when she forges her mom's signature.

Foreshadowing - Definition

When the author gives you hints about what is going to happen in the future.

Bias - Definition

Prejudice, what you like or dislike, a preconceived notion.

Bias - Delia

Delia is biased against the Tolliver Twins because they are rude to her.

Bias - Tolliver Twins

The Twins are biased against anyone else that they don't like.

Compare and Contrast

to look at similarities and differences between two or more things


the MOOD the author creates in a story

External Conflict

a fight, argument or struggle

Internal Conflict

a tough choice that a character makes in their heads

Internal Conflict - Delia

Delia makes a tough choice when she decides to tell Yo Yo she can't read.

Internal Conflict - Randy

Randy makes a tough choice by deciding not to tell anyone yet about his dad being gone

Mrs. Benson

Delia's English teacher, she is new, and is scared of the Tolliver Twins

External Conflict - Yo Yo

Yo gets knocked down by one of the Tolliver Twins

External Conflict - Tolliver Twins' Mother

The twins mother argues with them on a game show on tv.


Vivid descriptive writing that helps readers paint a mental picture of what's happening in a novel.

Imagery - Tolliver Twins

We see a picture of the Twins as wearing all black sweaters, jeans, boots, and skull caps

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