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The Crises in Morocco

How did the crises in Morocco increase the tensions in Europe?
Why did France and Germany disagree over Morocco?
It was of strategic importance at the mouth of the Mediterranean.

France had agreed with Britain it should be in their sphere of influence.

Germany thought they could have it as a colony.
How did Germany try to gain influence in Morocco?
1905 - the Kaiser vsited and promised to support Moroccan indeppendence.

France was not happy.

The kaiser did it to test the strength of the alliance between France , Briatin and Russia.
What was the Algerciras Conference and what was the outcome?
A conference between the Europen powers

They agreed that Germany should have no say in Moroccan affairs.

Britain, France and Russia strengthened their ties in the Triple Entente
How did this make Germany feel?
The Kaiser became even more resentful.

he felt he was surrounded by enemies.
What happened in 1911 - The Agadir Crisis?
The French help the Sultan to put down a rebellion against his rule.

Fance took over Morocco.

They compensate countries like Germany and Spain.
How do the Germans react?
They send a gnboat, the Panther, into Agadir.

This was to force the French to try and get a share of Morocco.
How did the British react ot Germany's aggression?
They made a naval agreement with France to defend the northern coast of France.

Britain was afraid Germany would want a naval base in Morocco
How did Germay react to this?

Determined not to back down next time.