30 terms

Ch 19 - personal selling

personal selling
informs customers to purchase products
gives marketers the greatest freedom
often necessary to assure customers of a high-risk product
disadvantage: most expensive method in promotional mix
usually closest to customers, keep customers satisfied so they get repeat business
personal selling process
1) prospecting (database of potential customers)
2) preapproach (i.d. key decision makers, prepping)
3) approach (contacts customer)
4) presentation
5) overcoming objection (counter problems before customer makes them)
6) closing
7) following up
order getter
sells to new customers and increasing sales to present customers
order taker
seeks repeat sales
missionary salespeople
employed by mfrs., assist the producer's customers in selling to their own customers
trade salespeople
support personnel who also take orders
(ex: food producers)
technical salespeople
give technical assistance about product
usually sell industrial products
team selling
salesppl join ppl from financial, engineering, etc. areas
appropriate for expensive, complex products
relationship selling
building mutually beneficial l-t associations
sales promotion
offers incentive to customers
most widely used promotion technique
rewards users
b/c they are returned, it lets co know if it's reaching intended target audience
low brand loyalty
cents-off offer
gives strong incentive to try product
money refunds
submit proof of purchase, mailed specific amount of $
low response rate, so limited impact on sales
customer sent amount of $ for making a single product purchase
used to reinforce brand loyalty
usually offered for expensive products, provide instant gratification
can be too complex
point-of-purchase materials
signs, window displays, display racks
disadvantage: labor costs can be too high
free samples
most expensive sales promotion method!
items offered free/at min cost as a BONUS for purchasing a product
consumer contests
compete for prizes based on skills
consumer games
compete for prizes but mainly on chance
if game done wrong, can result in a lawsuit!
consumer sweepstakes
submit names for a drawing
used to stimulate lagging sales and used in conjunction w/ other sales promo methods
trade sales promotion methods
persuade wholesalers AND retailers to carry & aggressively market and producer's product
buying allowance
temp P reduction offered to resellers for purchasing specific quantities of a product
resellers may buy large amounts to keep themselves supplied for months
buy-back allowance
$ that a producer gives to reseller for each unit the reseller buys after the initial promo is over
cooperative advertising
mfr agrees to pay for some of retailer's advertising
dealer listing
ad shows name of participating retailers
dealer loader
gift given to retailer when they purchase a specific # of merchandise
push money
$ to give salesppl to push a product
sales contest
motivates distributors, retailers, etc. to recognize achievements!!