25 terms

Chapter 9 Launching a New Government

To swear into office
Federal Judiciary Act of 1789
The act that created a court system and divided authority between the state and federal courts
Heads of departments that help the president lead the nation
tax on imported foreign goods
Battle of Fallen Timbers
Clash between native tribes and the federal army
Treaty of Greenville
Agreement between 12 Native Americans tribes and the U.S. government
Whiskey Rebellion
Rebellion in 1794 by farmers in western Pennsylvania against the tax on whiskey
French Revolution
A conflict for liberty and equality in France
Not taking sides in a conflict
Jay's Treaty
Agreement in which the British gave up their forts on the Northwest frontier and paid damages for American vessels they had seized
Pinckney's Treaty
Agreement with Spain that gave Americans certain rights, a 1795 treaty with Spain that allowed Americans to use the Mississippi. River and to store goods in New Orleans; made the 31st parallel the U.S. southern border.
Foreign Policy
Relations with the governments of other countries
political party
A group of people who try to promote ideas and influence government, and back candidates for office
XYZ Affair
Three French agents (referred to as X,Y,and Z) attempted to obtain a bribe from American representatives in Paris
Alien and Sedition Acts
Acts that targeted aliens and newspapers
states' rights
Theory that says states had the right to judge when the federal government had passed an unconstitutional law,
"Mr. President"
after month long discussion, the nations executive would be called....
Alexander Hamilton
Secretary of the Treasury
capitol Washington D. C.
Southern states agreed to help pay debt on the condition that _____________________ would be moved to the south.
Strict Construction
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were against the national bank because they belived on the _____________ ________________ of the constitution.
Little Turtle
Leader of the Native Americans at the battle of fallen timbers.
Washingtons Farewell Address
No Political Parties, Always stay neutral
The British
convinced the Native Americans to attack the U.S. and DID NOT help them
Elastic Clause "Necessary and Proper"
How did Hamilton win the argument about the National Bank?
"Mad" Anthony Wayne
Leader of the federal troops at the Battle of Fallen Timbers