TCITR test

english test o nTCITR
Where is holden as he narrates the sotry?
rehab in Cali resting
why wasnt holden at the big football game
because he was on his way to say bye to Spencer
Why wouldnt holden go back to pencey after christmas vaca?
he got kicked out
what "dirty trick" did mr. spencer pull of holden?
he read his exam essay out loud to him
who was robert ackley?
a dormmate who has a pimply face, dirty teeth, and clean fingernails
Who was Stradlater?
Holdens roommate; loves himself
about What did holden write Stradlaters compostion?
Allies glove
Why did Holden tear up stradlaters compostition?
because Stradlater was wining
Why did Stradlater hit Holden?
because holden was calling him a moron
where did holden decide to go?
New York
Who did holden meet on the train? why did holden lie to her about Ernie?
Mrs. morrow; because it made her very interested in him
Why did holden have to leave Ernies?
because Lillian Simmons came and he told her he had to leave
What do we learn about holden from his diversion about his glovess being stolen?
he believes in justice; obsesses over things
what was the "big mess" holden got into when he got back to the hotel after being at Ernies?
The Maurice/Sunny ordeal; gets in a fight with Maurice after doesnt give him 5 dollars
why did Maurice hit holden?
holden called him a "big fat moron"; wanted the 5 dollars
Why didnt holden commit suicide?
he didnt want people to judge him
Why did holden check out of the hotel and where did he go?
he went to Grand Central Station
Who did he meet at Grand Central Station and what did they talk about?
2 nuns; romeo and Juliet
What record did holden get Pheobe?
Little Shirley bean
What made holden not se depressed anymore on his way to the record store?
the little boy humming Catcher in the rye