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Prep Amer Lit & Comp

aegis (EE jis)

(noun) protection, sponsorship [SYN: guardianship, support, patronage]

auspicious (aw SPISH us)

(adjective) favorable, promising a good outcome [SYN: promising, encouraging, propitious]

jaded (JAY did)

(adjective) wearied, dulled, or bored by having too much [SYN: sated, glutted, surfeited]

atone (uh TONE)

(verb) make up (for a wrong) [SYN: make amends, reparations, expiate (EK spee ate)

lewd (LOOD)

(adjective) obscene, indecent, lustful [SYN: vulgar, smutty, lascivious (luh SIV ee us)]

succinct (suk SINGT)

(adjective) briefly and clearly expressed [SYN: brief, concise, terse (TURS)]

prevaricate (prih VAR uh kate)

(verb) stray from the truth; mislead [SYN: lie, misinform, equivocate (ih KWIV uh kate)]

aloof (uh LOOF)

(adjective) reserved, detached, unconcerned [SYN: removed, unresponsive, indifferent (in DIF ur unt)]

jovial (JO vee ul)

(adjective) full of hearty humor and fun; jolly [SYN: merry, cheerful, jocular (JOCK yuh lur)]

saturnine (SAT ur nine)

(adjective) gloomy, grave [SYN: moody, sulky, morose (muh ROHS)

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