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Three Types of Meetings
Staff Meeting, Committee Meeting, Board of Directors, Conference and Conventions, Face-to-Face, Electronic, International
Staff Meeting
Executive meeting with their staff to review directions, plans, assignments, or handle problems
Committee Meeting
Solve problems, monitor issues, or complete a task
Board of Directors Meeting
Run with bylaws, meeting every 2-3 months. Director conducts meeting. Agenda is used and participants follow Robert's Rules of Order.
Conference and Conventions
Large number of people from professional groups discussing certain topics
When are "event planners" sometimes hired?
Planning conferences or conventions are so complicating, event planners are sometimes hired to assist.
Written policies and procedures that clearly define how the meetings are to be conducted.
Face to Face Meetings: Advantages
Advantages: Observe/respond to body language, group members are likely to participate, feel more relaxed and comfortable
Face to Face Meetings: Disadvantages
Disadvantages: Travel can be costly, work time is lost during travel time, difficulty staying on topic.
Electronic Meetings
Audio conference and video conferences
Audio Conference
People can participate via telephone or some other device.
Video Conference
People at different locations use computers, video cameras, and microphones to see and hear each other.
Three Types if Web Conferences
Web Meeting, Webinar, Webcast