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Indo-Europeans migrated into Europe, India, and Southwest Asia and interacted with people living there


A group of nomadic peoples who may have come from the steppes


Dry grasslands that stretched north of the Caucasus [mountains between the Black and Caspian seas]

Language Family Resemblances

English, Sanskrit, Persian, Spanish, German


Movements of a people from one region to another


Indo-European speakers who occupied Anatolia by about 2000 B.C.

Anatolia, also called Asia Minor

A huge peninsula in modern-day Turkey that juts out into the Black and Mediterranean seas. A high, rocky plateau, rich in timber and agriculture


Language adopted by Hittites for international use


Indo-European people


Sacred literature; Four collections of prayers, magical spells, and instructions for performing rituals

Rig Veda

Most important of the collection of Vedas; 1,028 hyms to Aryan gods


Aryan's enemy; Spoke a different language, shorter, darker in skin color, town dwellers


Priests (1st on varna system)


Rulers and warriors (2nd on varna system)


Peasants and farmers (3rd on V.S.)


Laborers (Last)


The social system


Reflects struggles that took place in India as the Aryan kings worked to control Indian lands

Bhagavad Gita

One part of the Mahabharata

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