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admitir un error

to admit a mistake


to kiss

cometer un error

to make a mistake

comprarle un regalo

to buy someone a gift

la comunicación



to communicate

el consejo

the advice

darle un abrazo

to give someone a hug

date tiempo para pensarlo

give yourself time to think it over

el detalle

the detail

la disculpa

the apology


to apologize


to argue

estar resentido

to be resentful

hacer las paces

to make up

has pensado en

have you thought about


to hurt


to insult


to mistreat

no te conviene

it's not good for you

no te olvides de

don't forget to


to offend


to forget

pedir perdón

to ask for forgiveness


to fight


to forgive

la reconciliación

the reconciliation


to reconcile

ser fiel

to be faithful

ser infiel

to be unfaithful

sería una buena idea romper con

it would be a good idea to break up with

sería una malaidea romper con

it would be a bad idea to break up with

sugiero que no hagas caso a los rumores

i suggest that you not pay attention to rumors

yo que tú

if i were you

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