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Application software

Programs that enable you to accomplish tasks and use the computer in a productive manner.


An electronic system that contains input, processing, output, and storage units.

Computer network

Two or more computers connected together to enable resources sharing.

Console/ system unit

The hardware unit that conains the CPU, memory, hard disk, and power supply.


The processing unit.


A peripheral device uses this to attach to the computer.


Floppy disks uses this type of storage media.

Memory (RAM)

The temporary storage available inside the computer.

Motherboard/ system board

The physical components of a computer system.


Hardware connected outside the main computer system unit.


The unit that contains the circuitry that enables a computer system to operate.


Used to manage network resources, this type of computer can be dedicated to a specific task.


Computer programs.


This type of program threatens a user's privacy.


The layout or design/ arrangement of computers computers connected to a network.


Requires one byte of storage?

2 GHz

Represents the fastest CPU speed?


Is not an input device?

Compact disk

Is an example of optical storage?


Is not a type of computer?

In the computer memory

Before a computer can process data, where must data be stored?


Means Billions?


Is not a type of microcomputer?


Can make a computer invisible to hackers?


Is capable of opening a "back door" on a computer and is able to spread without human interaction?

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