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Business Law with Charles Lako Spring 2011

Plea Bargain

An agreement between the trial lawyer for the accused and the government lawyer.

14th Amendment...?

Government will not establish a religion.

4th Amendment...?

Probable Cause ( Officer must have probable cause to arrest you) and equal treatment of sexes.

10th Amendment...?

Allows a state to write a law if the federal government

Bill of Rights consists of...?

First 10 amendments

Bill of rights protects the people from..?

Government intrusion

What determines freedom of speech?

The time, place, and manner of speech ( ex. Not able to run into a school and yell FIRE)

What is Reasonable Suspicion?

A relaxed term which gives an officer probable cause. ( 4th Amendment)

Preliminary Hearing

Some evidence of a case is shown to the judge, so the defendent is in holding until trial..

Doctrines of Seperation of Powers

Legislative, judicial and executive branch.

5th Amendment cannot ...?

be self incriminating

Due process involves which two amendments?

5th and 14th

In due process, the 5th amendment applies to which govt?

The Federal Govt.

In due process, the 14th amendment applies to which govt.?

the State Govt.

In due process, the govt. has to...?

Why they are coming to see you? A date, time and location where you need to be to answer questions regarding this matter.

If the Fed. govt. does not stepped in, who has the right to address the matter?

The State Govt.

Good Samaritan Statute

if you are helping someone and they get hurt you are not held accountable.

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