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The six kingdoms of organisms with a desciption of what type of organism each kingdom holds.


Exists in the domain of archaea. This kingdom contains bacteria that live in extreme habitats. They are unicellular and very small. They are prokaryotic and have unusual metabolisms.


Exists in the bacteria domain. This kingdom contains normal bacteria and cyanobacteria. It is unicellular, prokaryotic and consists of producers and decomposers.


Exists in the eukarya domain. This kingdom contains amoeba, paramecium, and euglena. Most are unicellular, giant kelp is one exception. They are eukaryotic and are either producers or consumers.


Exists in the eukarya domain. Consists of mushrooms, mold, and yeast. These organisms are multicellular, eukaryotic, and are decomposers.


Exists in the eukarya domain. Consists of trees, grass, corn, ect. These organisms are multicellular, eukaryotic, and are autotrophs (producers)


Exists in the eukarya domain. Consists of all animals. These organisms are unicellular, eukaryotic, and are heterotrophs (consumers)

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