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the main energy source for life on Earth

Inorganic Chemical Compounds

soem types of organisms rely on the energy stored in __________ ___________ ____________.


organisms that capture energy from sunlight or chemicals and use that energy to produce food; producers


process by which autotrophs get energy through light with the combination of carbon dioxide and water being sparked by light energy and turning into carbohydrates and oxygen


process by which hydrogen sulfide and oxygen combine, forming sulfur compound which produce chemical energy and then the cells make carbohydrates using carbon dioxide from sea water


rely on other organism for their energy and food supply; consumers


eat plants


eat meat


eat plants and meat


feed on dead matter


break down organic matter

Food Chain

a series of steps in whihc organisms transfer energy by eating and being eaten; one-way flow of energy in an ecosystem

Food Web

network of food chains

Trophic Level

each step in a food chain or food web (consumers make up 2nd. 3rd, or higher)

Energy Pyramid

shows the relative amound of energy abailable at each trophic level; organisms use about 10% of this energy for life processes, rest is lost by heat

Biomass Pyramid

represents the amount of living organic matter at each trophic level; typically the greatest biomass is at the base of the pyramid

Pyramid of Numbers

shows the relative number of individual organisms at each trophic level

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