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  1. finite rate of increase (lambda)
  2. ecosystem engineers
  3. commensalism
  4. hypothesis
  5. Ad hominem
  1. a attack the speaker, not the subject/issue
  2. b when one species is benefited while the other feels no effect whatsoever
  3. c rate of population growth
  4. d organisms that change their environment ex. leaf cutter ants, humans, beavers
  5. e an educated prediction that can be tested and proven true or false

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  1. "Communities are cohesive entities" the super organism
  2. storms, natural disasters such as volcanoes pr earth quakes. What do these things have in common?
  3. autotrpohs "self feeders" such as green plants, cyanobacteria, or algae
  4. "each species responds independently to its own limiting factors"
  5. only two options, despite the information to the contrary

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  1. realized nichethe space a species actually has due to other organisms or limitations


  2. Red herringattack the speaker, not the subject/issue


  3. consensus sciencenovel hypotheses that are not yet widely tested


  4. environmentalismthe study of how the world works


  5. biotic potentialtype of adaption when a species moves to either one extreme or the other