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  1. stabilizing
  2. habitat
  3. junk science
  4. density-independent factors
  5. k-selected species
  1. a competitors, low biotic potential (low r), more parental care, lower mortality rate, long gestation ad few larger offspring, specialist niches, good competitors, poor colonizers
  2. b where an organism lives
  3. c normal bell curve, middle survive the best
  4. d agenda driven science, could be political, financial, or anything, and it does not pass peer review
  5. e storms, natural disasters such as volcanoes pr earth quakes. What do these things have in common?

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  1. the study of how the world works
  2. an organism that can live in a broad range of environments ex. humans, rats, cockroaches, raccoons
  3. distraction from argument
  4. the extremes are favored for survival of the species (speciation)
  5. lifestyle and how an organism lives

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  1. secondary successionglaciers, volcanoes, a large disturbance that even removes the soil


  2. hypothesisan educated prediction that can be tested and proven true or false


  3. biospherelifestyle and how an organism lives


  4. trophic levelsrank in the feeding hierarcht of a food chain. Organisms higher in the hierarchy consume those lower on it.


  5. Ad hominemattack the speaker, not the subject/issue