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  1. allopatric speciation
  2. biosphere
  3. Biological evolution
  4. ecosystem
  5. adaptive trait
  1. a traits that increase fitness, can survive and reproduce. Found through mutations and sex
  2. b the sum total of living things on Earth and the areas that inhabit
  3. c a fundamental system consisting of a community, its nonliving environment, and the interrupt
  4. d genetic change in populations over time
  5. e geographic rift causing a break in a population allowing two new species to emerge from the one older one

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  1. narrow, confined conditions and organism needs to survive i.e. koala bear
  2. members of the same species who live and potentially breed together
  3. an organisms capacity to produce offspring
  4. type of adaption when a species moves to either one extreme or the other
  5. isolated stories or experiences

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  1. speciessomething that looks similar and capable of breeding


  2. intrinsic rate of growth (r)an environments ability to sustain a population (food, water, space, mates,etc), leads to a logistic curve (s curve)


  3. generalistsan organism that can live in a broad range of environments ex. humans, rats, cockroaches, raccoons


  4. speciationnarrow, confined conditions and organism needs to survive i.e. koala bear


  5. climax communityattack the speaker, not the subject/issue