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Gov Ch 1-12

according to the virginia plan proposed at the constitutional convention, all state laws would be
a)immune from interference by central govt
b)immediately null and void, and new national laws would be enacted
c)subject to veto by nat legislature
d)subject to revision by national judiciary
e)revised, then submitted to national judiciary
The NJ Plan was a reaction by some states primarily to the fear that
a) legislative veto power called for by the Virginia Plan would seriously undermine indiviual states' rights
b) the weak central govt devised by virginia plan would grant too much power to rural states
c)the strong central govt devised by virginia plan would grant too much power to small states
d)the Virginia plan gave too much power to populous states
e) hamilton's suggestions about the Executive branch would be accepted by the convention
Each state would have an equal number of votes in the legislature under the
a) Connecticut Plan
b) New Jersey Plan
c) Maryland Plan
d) Virginia Plan
e) Georgia Plan
A major argument in favor of reducing the separation of powers called for in the U.S. constitution is that it would
a)allow prompt, decisive leadership in times of crisis
b)weaken the presidency and give greater protection against executive dictatorship
c)disperse credit or blame equally among the 3 branches of govt
d) apportion responsibility for implementing govt programs among members of congress
e)create a truly independent judiciary
Most amendments of the U.S. constitution have been ratified by the vote of
a) ratifying conventions in 3/4 of the states
b) 1/2 of the state legisatures
c) 2/3 of members of both houses of congress
d) 2/3 of reps to a national convention
e) 3/4 of the state legislatures
an individual who thinks that govt does too much, not too little, would be likely to support a
a) constitutional amendment that requires a balanced budget each year
b)broadening of the authority of fed courts
c)repeal of the president's current line-item veto power
d)more democratic system that calls for the frequent elections and greater attention to the special interest claims of citizens
e)all of the above
The line-item veto would allow the pres to
a)send a bill bacj to congress for reconsideration
b)veto part of a bill while approving the rest
c)suspend the enactment of a bill temporarily
d) veto a bill if congress were not in session
e) veto a bill within 6 hours of passage
If the US were operating today under articles of confed., issues such as the effect of acid rain on the environment would be handled by
b)executive branch
c) the supreme court
d) popular vote
e) individual states
the great compromise finally allocated representation in the basis of
a) population, in both houses
b) equality, in both houses
c) population in house, statehood equality in senate
d)equlality in house, population in senate
e) none of the above
the importance of the Great Compromise adopted by the constitutional convention on July 16, 1789, was that it
a) created a legislature similar in structure to that under the Articles of Confed
b)established a single, one state-one vote formula under which all states would benefit
c) strengthened the power of larger states at the expense of smaller states
d) granted equal power to three branches of new central govt
e) ensured support for a strong nat govt from small as well as large states
The goal of the Framers of the U.S. Constitution was to create a
a) political system in which majority rule was supreme
b) pure democracy modeled after the New England town meeting
c) pluralist democracy ruled by a political elite
d) an autonomous collective
e) republic based on a system of representation
separation of power and federalism were 2 key principals in the framing of the U.S. Constitution. These 2 principles are related in that each
a)requires a strong central govt elected by a popular majority
b) involves a system of checks and balances in which power is dispersed
c) grants power to a political elite that acts on behalf of the people
d) reflects a need for "political virtue"- frugality, industry, temperance, and simplicity
e) implies that it is sometimes necessary to exercise unrestrained power
dividing power b/w the states and that National govt is referred to as
a) sovereignty
b) dual legitimacy
c) egalitarianism
d) plutocracy
e) federalism
collecting taxes, building roads, borrowing money and having courts would be example of ____ powers
Generally, the Antifederalists felt that the govt. created by the U.S. constitution was
a) an insufficient check on the power of the states
b)too strong and too centralized
c) too liberal
d) barely strong enough to be effective
e) overprotective of individual rights
James Madison's main argument in favor of a federalist position, stated in Federalist 10 and 51, was in defense of
a) large republics
b) small democracies governmed by direct democracy
c)a bill of rights
d)large legislatures w/ small disstricts and frequent turnover
e)centralized judiciaries
The U.S. constitution contained no bill of rights because, among other things
a) liberty-not rights-was the cheif concern of such bills
b)the U.S. constitution was ratified before a bill of rights was deemed necessary
c) the framers thought that they were creating a govt. with specific, limited power
d)special-interest groups forced the changes after the document was ratified
e) hamilton and madion opposed the addition of such
The Bill of Rights to the US constitution was intended to limit the power of
a) state govts. over citizens
b) citizens to amend the constitution
c)the federal govt.
d) legislatures to amend the consitution
e)all of the above
which of the following allows national govts the right to alter or even abolish local govt?
a) a constitutional govt
c)a unitary system
d) socialism
e) a confederation
which of the following systems of govt would be most likely to appeal to those in US who wish to implement liberal policies in the nation but who encounter resistance from conservative state legislatures?
a) confederal
the govt in the south during the civil war was called a confederacy. a true confederacy differs from the federalist system of the US in that it
a) grants more sovereignty to the individual states
b) permits state govts to do only what the central govts allow
c)is legally and politically independent of any other govt
d)gives local units of govt a specifically protected existence
e) places states in a subservient manner in relation to matters of interstate commerce
the founders did not include in the US constitution an explicit statemet of state powers but added it later in the
a) 2nd amendment
b) 7th amendment
c) 10th amendment
d) 14th amendment
e)none of the above
applying the principles of thomas jefferson to current political issues would probably dispose one to
a)favor the decentralization of govt power
b)oppose the decentalization of govt power
c)favor 7 year terms for presidents
d)oppose 7 year terms for presidents
e) favor a more powerful bureaucracy
the McCulloch v. Maryland decision established
a) judicial review by the supreme court
b)state sovereignty
c)nat govt. supremacy over other states
d)the legality of slave trade
e)all of the above
the doctrine of nullification refers to
a) the power of congress to veto state laws that violate the US constitution
b)the claimed authority of the states to declare a fed. law void for violating the US constitution
c)the power of the pres to veto state laws for violating the US constiution
d)the authority of the pres to dissolve congress and to call for new elections
e)the power of the fed govt to invalidate state laws on matter of commerce
most forms of economic activity are now included under
a)1st amendment freedoms
b)interstate commerce
c)the doctrine of implied powers
d)the reserved powers of the states
e)compact theory
this is a procedure that enables voters to reject a measure adopted by the legislature
the 1st form of grant-in-aid to the states made by federal govts to the state govts. was that of
a) cash grants-in-aid
b)block grants
c)revenue sharing
d)categorical grants
e)land grants
a categorical grant is a transfer of federal funds designed for
a)the private sector
b)discretionary use by a state
c)the accomplishment of broad goals
d)programs with matching grants
e) specific purposes
a block grant is essentially a
a) grant that benefits a single, local unit (or block)
b) group of categorical or project grants
c) reverse grant-in-aid money flows from states back to the federal govt
d) project grant w/ tighter restrictions
e) a project grant w/ less federal support
what types of fed. funds are most likely to be critical for an agency that depends on the fed government for its existence?
a)categorical grants
b)block grants
c)fund grants
d)revenue-sharing programs
e) project enhancement grants
when a locality is required by federal law to do something, regardless of whther it recieves fed funding or that purpose, this duty is called a
a)condition of aid
c)string-attached adict
d)court decision
the first important function that the new Republican-controlled congress sought to shift back to the states with 1994 was
a)health care
e)law enforcement
Judges have ordered mass. to change the way it hires firefighters, even though the state does not receive aid from the federal govt for fire fighting. such an order is reffered to as a
a) condition of aid
b)quid pro quo
d)pro bono requirement
e)per curiam order
for states to qualify for certain federal highway funds, they must allow drivers to make a legal right-hand turn after stopping at a red light. this requirement by the federal govt is known as
b)quid pro quo order
c)condition of aid
d)pro bono requirement
e)per curiam order
AFDC and ____ accounted for over half of all fed. grant-in-aid spending
b)food stamps
d)social security
e)earned income tax credits
which of the following was NOT a reason driving devolution efforts in the mid-1990s?
a)deep-seated mistrust of federal govt
b)concern about the budget deficit
c)lack of confidence in state and local govt capacity
d)americans are in favor of devolution
e)belief that govts closer to the people are more responsive to popular sentiment
In the US, programs such as the interstate highway system and services to the unemployed are most accurately considered
a)state functions that operate w/o any involvement on the part of the federal govt
b)federal functions, although state govts pay some of the costs
c)state functions which are designated under the 10th amendment
d)federal functions that operate w/o any invovement on the part of state govts
e)state functions, although the fed govt seeks to regulate them
Liberty and individualism are two key elements of
a) all western democracies
b) all 20th century nations
c)most nations throughout history
d)U.S. political culture
e)eurpoean nations in like 1700s
All of the following are basic elements of US political culture EXCEPT
a) liberty
b) democracy
c) individualism
d) civic duty
e) economic equality
Which of the following statements about economic equality applies most accurately to Americans?
a) most americans believe that everyone should be paid on the basis of their economic needs"equality of results"
b) most americans believe that everyone has the right to get ahead, "equality of opportunity"
c)most americans believe in the preferential treatment of women and minorities in hiring "equality of access"
d) most americans believe in the idea of having a top limit on what people can earn "equality of wealth"
e) most americans believe citizens who participate in politics should have guaranteed income "equality of participation"
Which one in each of the following pairs are Americans more likely to tolerate?
a) political as opposed to economic equality
b)ideologues as opposed to activists
c)economic as opposed to political inequality
d)activists as opposed to ideologues
e)political as opposed to sociological inequality
Social policy in the US is dominated by a common belied among americans in the
a) ethic of self-reliance
b)value off group harmony
c)need to protect all citizens
d)value of preferential hiring
e)sense of community
compared with americans, japanese are MORE likely to
a)stress social harmony and group cohesion in their social relations
b)emphasize the virtues of individualism ad competition in social situations
c)emphasize the virtue of treating others fairly but impersonally with due regard for their rights
d)rely on individual decision making rather than decisions made by groups
e)believe in a divine being
which group attracted an enormous amount of media attention and became a prominent force in many national, state, and local elections during the 1990s?
a) Great Beginnings
b) Prohibitionists
c) Spiritual Awakening
d) Hyper- Dispensationalists
e) Chiristian Coalition
The adversarial contention spirit of the US society is related MOST closely to Americans' belief in
a) individual rights
b) social equality
c) group harmony and cohesion
d) democracy
e) bicameralism
Religious diversity in the US was largely the result of the absence of a(n)
a) established religion
b) bill of rights
c) strong central govt
d) established aristocracy
e) powerful army
americans have a comparatively low degree of
a) material acquisitiveness
b) social conformity
c) class conciousness
d) geographic mobility
e) capitalist instinct
The most important source of political values in the US is probably
a) the mass media
b) the family
c) religion
d) public schools
e) local newspapers
which of the following groups of issues does the text refer to as areas of conflict in the culture war?
a) abortion, school prayer, foreign policy
b) gay rights, taxes, business regulation
c)school prayer, foreign policy, pornography
d) drug use, school prayer, abortion
e) buisness regulation, foreign policy, space policy
the culture war is about
a) which ethnic group governs
b) what kind of country we ought to live in
c) how much money should be spent on social programs
d) the ethics of foreign policy
e) which groups deserve to influence policy
which of the following most accurately describles the orthodox view in the culture war?
a) morality is more important than self-expression and is based on unchanging rules from god
b) personal freedom is more important than tradition, and the rules for morality very with circumstance
c)morality is more important than self expression, and the rules vary with circumstance
d)personal freedon is more important than tradition, and morality is based on unchanging rules from god
e) morality is irrelevant to personal freedom, even when there are objective standards by which to judge
if people have a sense of political efficacy, then they believe they
a) trust govt to do what is right
b) would rather live here than elsewhere
c) are capable of joining interest groups
d) feel alienated from public policy
e) have a say in what govt does
one reason why public policy often differs from public opinion is that
a) the Constitution places many checks on the influence of public opinion
b)public opinion polling tends to express the opinions of a political elite
c) public opinion is easy to gauge, while the effectiveness of public policy is not
d) public opinion tends to change more slowly than public policy
e) public opinion is rarely informed at the beginning of the policy making process
the surveys conducted in Cincinnati and nationally concerning the monetary control act were significant because
a) public opinion was deeply divided
b) public opinion unanimously condemned the legislation
c)many people expressed views about the legislation, which was entirely fictious
d) the legislation was still pending
e) congress had passed the legislation only 2 days before the surveys were conducted
some 60% of adults adopt the party preference of their
a) peers
b) employers
c) teachers
d) physicians
e) parents
religious influences on the pubic opinion are most pronounced with respect to ____ issues and less evident on others
a) foreign policy
b) state and local
c) ideological
d) economic
e) social
a gender gap is most likely to occur in an election in which the major issue is
a) war
b) women's rights
c) gun control
d) political ethics
e) school prayer
Which o the following statements about the gender gap is most accurate, according to the text?
a) men have "deserted" democratic candidates for republican ones
b) the gender gap has remained constant in the past 4 elections
c) women voters tend the identify more strongly than men with the republican party
d)most analysts agree about the electoral significance of the gender gap
e) men have "deserted" republican candidates for democratic ones
which of the following statements is INCORRECT?
a) from the mid 1920s to the mid 1960s, americans went to college in record numbers
b) much research indicated higher levels of liberalism are associated with higher levels of education
c) higher levels of conservatism were more prominent among those from more prestigious colleges
d)increased schooling has been associated with increased voting
e) increased schooling has been associated with increased political activity
Cleavages in public opinion are more common in the US than in many other countries because the US
a) has a socially heterogenous population
b) is a relatively classless society
c) has a high degree of religious freedom
d) places a high value on social equality
e) is more protective of freedom of press
Compared with European countries such as England, France, and Germany, class voting the the US has
a) also risen sharply
b) remained relatively steady
c) also declined sharply
d) always been more common
e) increased slightly
which statement most accurately describes the party loyalties of african-americans?
a) they are generally Repubs
b) they are generally Dems
c) they are overwhelmingly Dems
d) they are overwhelmingly Rebups
e) they are usually Independents
An issue that continues to divide blacks and whites is
a) the use of racial quotas
b) the justice system's treatment of drug traffickers
c) legalized abortion
d) legalization of marijuana
e) affirmative action
Voters in the South have become progressively less attached to
a) democratic party
b) republican party
c) liberal ideology
d) conservative ideology
e) b and d
a congressman is opposed to additional spending on medical care, opposed to legalizing marijuana, and in favor of a death penalty. This congressman is most likely a
a) liberal
b) conservative
You favor minimum wage legislation but are opposed to outlawing abortion. On the basis of these two issues, you would be a
a) pure liberal
b) pure conservative
c) libertarian
d) populist
e) neo-populist
you would like to see drug use made a matter of private conscience and also to have the govt reduce its spending in all areas. You would be a
a) pure liberal
b) pure conservative
c) libertarian
d) populist
e) no-populist
In US presidential elections, voter turnout is typically
a) less than 25%
b) less thank 30%
c) less than 60%
d) more than 80%
e) nearly 100%
Suffrage was extended to include virtually all white males by the administration of
a) John Adams
b) Thomas Jefferson
c)Andrew Jackson
d) James Monroe
e) James Madison
One way that blacks were prevented from voting prior to passage of the voting rights act of 1965 was by requiring them to
a) meet qualifications found in Article III of the constitution
b)register 6 months in advance of an election
c) become US citizens
d) memorize the Bill of Rights
e) pass a literacy test
Until 1920, women were generally kept from voting by
a) intimidation
b) social custom
c) their own choice
d) tradition
e) law
By 1972, those who had received the right to vote in all US elections were
a) blacks only
b) blacks and women
c) blacks, women, 18 year olds only
d) blacks, women, 18 year olds, prison inmates
e) blacks, women, 18 year olds, prison inmates who had been pardoned
One explanation given by the text for the decline in US voter participation in pres elections after 1900 i that
a) parties began functioning to mobilize mass voter turnout
b) fewer citizens were directly affected by the outcome of pres elections
c)other forms of political participation became less accessible to citizens
d) election fraud was rampant in the 19 century
e) Republican party began to attempt to mobilize individuals who were least likely to vote
The steady decline in US voter turnout appears to be the unintentional result of
a) strict voter registration procedures
b) the poll tax
c) the fraudulent reporting of electin results
d) literacy testing
e) media campaigns
If a researcher insists on using VEP stats in a study of voter turnout, as opposed to a VAP, he is probably concerned about
a) creating a balance b/w males and females in the data removing political party bias
b) removing political party bias
c) generating a more accurate estimate of the number of female voters
d) having a more reliable estimate of the number of voters across time
e) removing individuals from the data who are actually ineligible to vote
When VEP stats are examined,
a) the decline in voter turnout is even more apparent
b) the apparent decline in voter turnout vanishes completely
c) it is apparent that voter turnout has not declined since the early 1970s
d) midterm congressional elections routinely feature turnout rates of above 55%
e) none of the above
Youth, low income, and inority status are associated with which of the following participation groups?
a) inactives
b) parochial participation
c) communalists
d) campaigners
e) voting-specialists
Which of the following factors are high correlated with a high rate of political participation?
a) more education, older than 35
b) more education, younger than 35
c) immigrant background, high income
d) nonimmigrant background, more education
e) high income, younger than 25
which of the following statements about voting habits of men and women is correct?
a) men vote at much higher rates than women
b) men vote at slightly higher rate than women
c) men and women vote at about same rate
d) women vote at much higher rate than men
e) women vote at much higher rate than men in midterm elections
all of the following have probably contributed to recent declines in voter turnout EXCEPT
a) increasing difficulties w/ respect to registration
b) greater youthfulness of population
c) growing number of blacks
d) declining strength of political parties
e) decrease in number of people who think elections matter
Two multinational studies of voter turnout concluded that party strength, automatic registration, and compulsory voting laws accounted for how much of the variance in turnout?
a) almost none
b) about 1/3
c) about 2/3
d) almost all
e) it couldn't be determined from data
Which of the following statements about political parties is the US is true?
a) parties in this country are relatively new, having emerged only after Civil war
b) parties today are relatively strong, but are not strong in all areas of country
c) parties in this country have never been as strong, or meant as much, as in many Eurpoean countries
d) parties today are relatively weak, but they are not weak in all areas of the country
e) parties are relatively strong today although loyalties are spread more widely
One reason who political parties in the US today are weaker than in Europe is that in the US
a) party leaders do not typically select people to run for office
b) local leaders rarely have as much power as nat. ones
c)political parties organizations are highly centralized
d) Congress reserves the right to select the chief executive of the govt
e) party leaders have become less ideological
In most states, candidates for office are chosen by
a) the people
b) party leaders
c) primary elections
d) conventions
e) delegations
In Europe, almost the only way a person can become a candidate is by
a) winning a constituency referendum
b) being nominated by a member of the executive branch
c) winning in the primary election
d) hiring his or her own campaign organization.
e) being nominated by party leaders
The Founders saw political parties as
a) an important aspect of democracy
b) effective only in raising money for campaigns
c) appropriate for a direct democracy but not for a republic
d) a means communicating public opinion to the president
e) factions motivated by ambition and self-interest
The 1st Republican party, with its base of support in the South, was organized by the 1790s by
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) james Madison
c) Alexander Hamilton
d) George Washington
e) John Adams
Which of the following statements about the modern repub party is corrct?
a) it was founded by Thomas Jefferson to oppose the policies of Alexander Hamilton
b)Was originally called the Antifederalist party
c) emerged as a major party only after the Civil War
d) emerged around 1824 w/ Andrew Jackson's first run for the presidency
e) none of the above
The progressives favored all of the following EXCEPT
a) nonpartisan elections
b) strict voter registration requirements
c) civil service reform
d) better relations with business
e) primary elections
Which of the following were major issues in the 3 clearest cases of critical and realigning periods?
a) slavery and economics
b) crime and war
c) suffrage and state's rights
d) the electoral college and war debt
e) Federal income tax and immigration
Ticket splitting was almost unheard of in the 19 century because
a) political parties provided voters with ballots
b) party platforms were rarely consistent
c) incumbents used the perks of office to sway voters
d) govt printed ballots listed candidates in columns
e) a and d
Between the nat. conventions, party affairs are managed by a ___ made up of delegates from each state and territory
a) congressional campaign committee
b) nat. caucus
c) troika
d) nat. committee
e) rules committee
The term "superdelegate" refers to
a) elected officials and party leaders who are not required to pledge themselves in advance to the presidential candidate
b) delegates representing special-interest caucuses, such as those organized to represent blacks or homosexuals
c) delegates at-large who are chosen by a vote of the nat. party leadership
d)delegates chosen by primary elections and grassroot causcuses
e) delegates who received more than the 80% of the vote necessary to achieve their status
party machines
A) are characterized by a high degree of leadership control over member activity
b) do not use tangible incentives to recruit members
c) help to solve the problem of voting fraud
d) cut down the number of patronage job in govt
e) enforce electoral reform and encourage competition
why should elections based on a plurality system discourage new parties from forming?
a) because a plurality system discourages patronage and reduces voter interests in joining a party
b)because a plurality system requires parties to form alliances with other parties to win elections
c) because under the winner-take-all system, no incentive is given for finishing 2nd (or lower)
d) because a plurality system requires each party to be as narrowly based as possible
e) because a plurality system gives an advantage to savy political unknowns who can grab the media spotlight
The most dramatic example of the winner-take-all principle in the US electoral system is it
a) idea of pluralism
b) municipal elections in Cambridge, Mass
c) partisan judicial elections
d) two-party system
e) electoral college
national convention delegates, compared to their respective party memebers, tend to be
a) more liberal if they are dem, more conservative if they are repub
b)more liberal regardless of party
c) more conservative regardless of party
d) more conservative if Dem, more liberal if Repub
e) quite similar in most respects, but not so much in terms of occupational presige
A major difference between presidential campaigns and congressional campaigns is that
a) fewer people vote in presidential elections
b) presidential incumbents can better serve their constituents
c)presidential incumbents can more easily avoid responsibility
d) presidential races are generally more competitive
e) congressional incumbents are more likely to be defeated
The constitution calls for reapportionment
a) every 5 years
b) every 10 years
c) every 20 years
d) every 50 years
e) every 100 years
one reason why the approacch used by a candidate in a general election may not work in a primary election is that the primary must
a) take more mainstream view of kew issues
b) be more aware of clothespin vote
c) play to the ideology of political activists
d) take greater caution to avoid slips of the tounge
e) avoid media scrutiny at all costs
to win the presidential nominating, as opposed to general election, candidates generally present themselves as
a) more conservative
b) more liberal
c) more liberal if Repub, more conservative if Dem
d) more liberal if Dem, more conservative if Repub
e) moderate
unlike congressional campaigns, presidential campaigns are funded by
a) private sources only
b) public sources only
c) both private and public sources
d) federal matching grants only
e) private sources during primaries and public sources after nominations
the experience with 527 organizations in the 2004 elections suggest campaign finance laws
a) are an effective way to minimize interest group participation
b) are an effective way to reduce campaign spending
c) facilitate coordination of efforts between candidates and groups
d) are not likely to take money out of policies
e) have restricted speech considerably
many scholars argue that the foremost factor in determining how people vote it
a) debate performace
b) perception of the best candidate
c) campaign spending
d) the candidates image
e) party identification
Democrats could be predicted to win every election if the only factor were
a) candidate appeal
b) campaign issues
c) debate performance
d) money spent
e) party identification
Which party tens to do better in competing for the vote of self-described independents?
a) Repubs do much better than Dems
b) Repubs do slightly better than Dems
c) Dems do much better than Repubs
d) Dems do slightly better than Repubs
e) Republs and Dems do equally well
Self-described strong Repubs have voted in greater proportions than strong Dems in
a) relatively few Pres races
b) every pres race in the past 30 years
c) years when there was a Reub incumbent
d) years when there was a Dem incumbent
e) elections when the economy was strong
The elections that produce the largest voter turnout are the
a) local elections
b) joudicial elections
c) senatorial elections
d) House elections
e) presidential elections
Since 1962, over ____% of House uncumbents who sought reelection won it.
a) 60
b) 65
c) 75
d) 80
e) 90
in the 2000 election, George Bush wanted to let people put some of their Social Security money into private savings accounts; Al Gore opposed this. This is an example of a ___ issue.
a) valence
b) primary
c) secondary
d) position
e) residual
Funding of congressional elections comes from
a) public sources only
b) private sources only
c) party sources only
d) a combination of public, party, and private sources
e) the parties and public sources
The Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002 raised the individual limit on contributions to ____ per candidate per election
a) $1000
b) $2000
c) $5000
d) $10000
e) $15000
One advantage that incumbents always have over challengers is
a) their larger share of Fed campaign monies
b) the political advantage of riding the president's coattails
c) their use of free mailings, or franks
d) their freedom from FEC regulations
e) b and d
Which amendment to the Constitution prevents the govt from censoring the media?
a) the 1st
b) the 5th
c) the 6th
d) the 21st
e) none of the above
For a newspaprer to be found guilty of libel, the accused party must
a) prove beyond reasonable doubt that what was printed was damaging, even if it was printed accidentally
b) sue the reporter who wrote the story and not the newspaper that published it
c)sue the newspaper that published the story and not the reporter who wrote it
d) provide clear and convincing evidence that what was printed was malicious
e) establish that what was printed could have been interpreted in more than one manner
In comparison with the general public, the great majority of the members of the national news media are
a) without any particular ideological leaning
b) politically moderate
c) liberal
d) conservative
e) very conservative
the national media often play the role of watchdog. this means that they can
a) influence public opinion on most issues
b) influence what subjects become nat political issues
c) prevent certain politicians from winning office by not covering their campaigns
d) expose scandals and investigate personalities
e) track swings in public assessments of candidates
The increase in voter support that a member of the house recieves in his/her first bid for reelection is referred to as the
a) no-brainer march
b) post-office bounce
c) two-time round-up
d)second-wind suprise
e) sophomore surge
The new era of electronic journalism is best characterized as
a) an emphasis on talk shows and a diminishing importance of cable television
b) a diminishing importance of the 3 big networks and a rise in popularity of cable entertainment-type programs
c) greater interest in probing confrontations on policy issues by major network journalists and less interest in human interest stories
d) diminishing interest in policy issues and a rise in overall popularity of major network programs
e) the emergence of news magazine programs on the major networks
The television weekly 60 minutes runs a segment on the role of local politicians in the drug trade. This issue soon becomes the subject of national debate
a) gatekeeper
b) scorekeeper
c) watchdog
d) investigator
e) b and c
Two local newspapers that have acquired national readership are
a) the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times
b)the New York Time and USA today
c) the New York Times and the Washington Post
d) Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post
e) USA Today and Christian Science Monitor
The media typically report presidential elections as horse races because of the media's role as
a) arbiter
b) watchdog
c) scorekeeper
d) mirror of reality
e) mediator
Voters are most likely to switch parties between elections when
a) it serves their self-interest
b) the economy is relatively strong
c) the country is at war
d) it means switching to the party in power
e) b and c
when a voter votes for the candidate whom he/ she considers more likely to do a better job in office, the voting is referred to as
a) clothespin voting
b) ideological voting
c) prospective voting
d) retrospective voting
e) sociotropic voting
when a voter votes based on how things have been going and which party is in power, it is reffered to as
a) issueless voting
b) ideological voting
c) prospective voting
d) retrospective voting
e) sociotropic voting
the text argues that the US constitutional system was designed to make the adoption of radical departures in policy
a) efficient
b) easy
c) impossible
d) unnecessary
e) difficult
The Democrats appear to have lost their once-strong hold on which of the following groups?
a) catholics
b) southerners
c) union members
d) blacks
e) a and b