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Potential Energy

Energy that is stored

Kinetic Energy

Energy of motion

Mass and Velocity

Kinetic energy depends on two variables..

Thermal Energy

Energy due to friction, also refred to as heat energy. example: a toaster.


The unit used for any kind of energy


Unit for mass


Unit for velocity


This type of potential energy is energy stored in chemical bonds. Plants use the suns energy to create this type of energy


Energy stored by things that stretch or compress is called potential energy

Electrical Energy

Energy used to run electronics

Mechanical Energy

the total amount of potential and kinetic energy in a system

conservation of energy

the law of ...... states that although energy can change forms it cannot be created nor destroyed


Gravitational potential energy depends on two variables mass and (blank)

Nuclear Fusion

When two atoms combine and energy is released, occurs in the sun

Nuclear Fission

When two atoms separate and energy is released.


A measure of how much input work is turned into useful output work done by the machine.


A bar free to move about a fixed point called a fulcrum


An incline plane with one or two sloping sides


Grooved wheel with a rope running along the groove

Wheel and Axle

Two wheels of different sizes that rotate together

Incline Plane

Sloping surface used to raise objects


Incline plane wrapped around a cylindrical post


Force x distance, or equal to the change in energy


The rate of doing work, Work/time


A device that makes doing work easier

Effort Force

The force you exert on a machine is called the..

Resistance Force

The force the machine exerts on an object


(Blank) energy refers to the flow of electrons


This form of kinetic energy travels in vibrations


(blank) energy includes visible light, radio waves, and even gamma rays.


This is the most used source of energy to generate our electricity.

Natural Gas

this non renewable source of energy can be burned to generate heat for our homes or to generate electricity


This renewable source of energy uses a giant turbine to catch the kinetic energy of the air


this renewable source of energy uses solar panals to capture the energy from the sun.


Passing water through a dam to spin electric generators takes place in this renewable source of energy.


using fossil fuels to generate our electricity produces (blank) gasses in our atmosphere.

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