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alternative form of a gene

Chromosome theory of inheritance

genralization that genes are locatedon chromosomes and that the behavior of chromosomes during meiosis and fertilization accounts for inheritance patterns


inheritance pattern in which a heterozygote expresses the distinct traits of both alleles


processby which sperm from one flower's pollen fertilizes the eggs in a flower of a different plant

dihybrid cross

mating of two organisms that differ intwo characteristics


descriptive pf an allele in a heterozygour individual that appears to be the only one affecting a trait


egg or sperm sex cell that contains a single set of chromosomes, one from each homologous pair

gene locus

specific location of a gene on a chromosome

genetic linkage

tendency for allels of genes on the same chromosomes to be inherited together


study of heredity


genetic makeup of an organism; an organism's combination of alleles


having different alleles for a gene


having identical alleles for a gene


offsoring of two differnt true-breeding varieties

intermediate inheritance

inheritance in which heterozygotes have a phenotype intermediate between the phnotypes of the two homozygotes


process by which the nucleus and duplicated chromosomes of a cell divide and are evenly distributed, forming two daughter nuclei

monohybrid cross

mating of two organisms that differ in only one character


obserable traits of an organism

polygenic inheritance

combined effect of two or more genes on a single character

Punnett square

diagram showing the probabilities of the possible outcomes of a genetic cross


Produce offspring with same form of trait as parent.


descriptive of an allele in a heterozygous individual that dies not appear to affect a trait

sex-linked gene

gene located on a sex chromosome


mating of an individual of unknown genotype but dominant phenotype with a hmozygous recessive individual


variation of a particular inherited character

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