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  1. William Worden
  2. abnormal (complicated, unresolved) grief
  3. Dolka
  4. counselor
  5. delayed grief (reaction)
  1. a disenfranchised - not openly socially sanctioned or publically shared
  2. b Tasks of Mourning - empowers the bereaved to take an active role in their recovery rather than go through the passive stages of greif:
    1. to accept reality of loss-overcome denial
    2. to experience the pain of grief and to express the emotion associated with it
    3. to adjust to the enviroment in which the deceased is missing
    4. to withdrawl emotional energy and re-invest in another relationship (hobby, work, school, etc)
  3. c grief extending over a long period of time without resolution
    1. Factors that may complicate grief:
    2. Types of abnormal grief responses
    -chronic grief
    -delayed grief
    -exaggerated grief
    -masked grief
  4. d the individual providing assistance and guidance
  5. e (William Worden)
    -inhibited, suppressed or postponed response to a loss
    -inherent in head-of-household who must remain strong for the sake of the family

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  1. the ability to be considerate and friendly as demonstrated by both verbal/non-verbal behaviors
  2. automatized functions once established, structuralize
  3. blame directed towards one's self, based on real or unreal conditions
  4. ABC Method of Crisis Intervention- for mass disaters
    1. Acheiving contact or establishing a counseling relationship with people in crisis
    2. Boiling down the problem to its essentials
    3. Coping with the problem
  5. that counseling which occurs before death

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  1. phobiaan exaggerated and persistent fear of dread of, or aversion to any specified type of object, stimulus or situation


  2. thanatologythe study of death


  3. at-need counselinga death has occured and the funeral director is counseling with the family as they select the services and items of merchandise in completing arrangements for the funeral service of their choice


  4. psychologistthe study of human behavior


  5. living willa document which governs the witholding or withdrawl of life-sustaining treatment from an individual in the event of an incurable or irreversible condition that will cause death within a relatively short time and which such a person is no longer able to make decisions regarding his or her medical treatment


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