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  1. psychologist
  2. grieving challenges
  3. sympathy
  4. Frederick Herzbergs
  5. 5-9 years old
  1. a -may understand that death is final but may not accept it as something that happens to everyone
    -often personify death (bogeyman)
  2. b studies the human mind and tries to explain why people act the way they do
  3. c Two factory theory (2 factors motivate)
    1. Job satisfaction - happy and productive
    2. Job dissatisfaction - poor workers
  4. d sincere feelings for the person who is trying to adjust to a serious loss
  5. e cause, investigation and interrogation, severity of loss, relational problems

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  1. the assumption of blame directed toward one's self and others
  2. -unable to understand the finality of death
    -death is like sleep or taking a long journey
  3. that counseling which occurs before death
  4. Hierarchy of needs (triangle-starts at the bottom)
    1. Physiological needs
    2. Saftey and security
    3. Love and security
    4. Esteem
    5. Self-acutalization
  5. (Erich Lindemann) a process occurring with, aimed at loosening the attachement to the dead for reinvestment in the living

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  1. abnormal (complicated, unresolved) griefgrief extending over a long period of time without resolution
    1. Factors that may complicate grief:
    2. Types of abnormal grief responses
    -chronic grief
    -delayed grief
    -exaggerated grief
    -masked grief


  2. Grief therapyintervention with people whose needs are so specific that usually they can only be met by specially trained physicians in this field of work with deeper levels of consciousness


  3. chronic griefexcessive in duration and never comes to satisfactory conclusion


  4. empathysincere feelings for the person who is trying to adjust to a serious loss


  5. guiltan emotion or set of emotions due to a loss