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  1. perfunctory
  2. salacious
  3. quandary
  4. perdition
  5. sagacious
  1. a obscene; lusty
  2. b done without care; in a routine fashion
  3. c damnation; ruin; hell
  4. d a puzzling situation; a dilemma
  5. e wise; having keen perception and sound judgement

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  1. keenness of judgement
  2. extremely holy
  3. to withdraw or disavow a statement or opinion
  4. having a pleasant odor; suggestive or evocative
  5. to delight with something pleasing or amusing

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  1. peruseto scold; to blame


  2. pedestriana person or thing said to be ordinary or dull


  3. recoilto retreat; to draw back


  4. rakishto read carefully; scrutinize


  5. regressto delight with something pleasing or amusing