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  1. recapitulate
  2. peruse
  3. regale
  4. salacious
  5. sacrosanct
  1. a to delight with something pleasing or amusing
  2. b extremely holy
  3. c to summarize; to repeat briefly
  4. d to read carefully; scrutinize
  5. e obscene; lusty

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  1. having a negative effect; insulting
  2. repetitious; using more words than needed
  3. a coward, a traitor
  4. wise; having keen perception and sound judgement
  5. difficult to understand; profound

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  1. querulousobscene; lusty


  2. rakishcarefree; dashing; jaunty


  3. ratiocinateto make an excuse for


  4. rationalizeto reason; to think


  5. perditiona person or thing said to be ordinary or dull