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  1. recondite
  2. recant
  3. redundant
  4. quandary
  5. querulous
  1. a difficult to understand; profound
  2. b a puzzling situation; a dilemma
  3. c complaining; grumbling
  4. d to withdraw or disavow a statement or opinion
  5. e repetitious; using more words than needed

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  1. extremely holy
  2. to summarize; to repeat briefly
  3. carefree; dashing; jaunty
  4. to correct; to make right
  5. to scold; to blame

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  1. perfunctorydone without care; in a routine fashion


  2. quagmirea swamp; a difficult or inextricable situation


  3. recoilto retreat; to draw back


  4. regaleto withdraw or disavow a statement or opinion


  5. perditiona person or thing said to be ordinary or dull