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god of the heavens and earth, ruler of all gods and goddesses.


goddes of marriage & married women


god of the sea & earthquakes


god of thunder


goddes of hearth & home


goddes of all growing things; with her daughter


god of war, hatred, and violence


god of trade, travel, and theft

Gaea and Uranus had 2 typed of children. What were they called?

monsters & titans

Which of Gaea and Uranus's children became king and queen?

Cronus, Rhea

What did Cronus do to his children when Rhea presented them?

ate them

Which child did Rhea hide from Cronus?


Why did Zeus punish Prometheus?

he stole fire from Mt. Olympus to give to humans

What two gifts did Zeus give Epimetheus?

a beautiful maiden and a jar

What happened when Pandora opened the jar?

evil came into the world & hope

What characteristic did Pandora lack?

self control, obediance, and self dicipline

What two things in nature are explained in this myth?

Narcissus flowers & echo's

What characteristic did Narcissus exhibit?

self centeredness

What characteristic did Zeus want all mortals to exhibit?


What did Baucis and Philemon do when Zeus and Hermes knocked on their door?

took them in & fed them

What did the gods award Baucis and Philemon with?

granted them their deepest wishes

What 2 things did the old couple ask for?

servants in the new temple & to die together

What happened when the old couple died?

their bodies grew into an inter-twined oak and linden tree

What did King Minos hire Daedalus to do?

to build a maze to prison the minatar

How did the father and son escape from prison?

built wings

What happened to Icarus's wings that caused him to drown?

he flew to high and his wings wax melted and fell apart

Why did Acrisius imprison Danae?

he was told that daughters son would kill him

What monster was Perseus sent to kill?

the medusa

How was the oracles prophecy fulfilled?

Perseus threw a disc and it killed King Acrisius

What qualities of a perfect woman did Pygmalion tell his statue about?

kind speech, gentle work, love

Why was it appropriate that Pygmalion prayed to Aphrodite for the wife of his dreams?

because she is the god of love & beauty


1/2 man 1/2 bull


snake haired creature that if anyone looked at her they would turn to stone


head, shoulder & chest of a woman, body & claws of a lion, 1/2 lion 1/2 mountain goat with a snakes tail


multi-headed reptile


head & torso of a woman, fins & tail of a fish


gigantic whirlpool

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