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  1. lank
  2. compunction
  3. fulsome
  4. contrite
  5. emaciated
  1. a offensive because of insincerity; repulsive; disgusting
  2. b showing deep regret and sorrow for wrongdoing; deeply penitent; repentant
  3. c long and thin; slender
  4. d regret; remorse; misgiving; qualm
  5. e made unnaturally thin

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  1. embarrassment; mortification; disappointment
  2. stout; husky and rough
  3. cheerless; inconsolable
  4. wok oneself into favor
  5. full of merriment; playful

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  1. pudgystout; husky and rough


  2. throesquality in events or in art (literature, music, etc.) that arouses our pity


  3. attenuatemake thin; weaken


  4. blissmerry; cheerful; happy


  5. lackeylong and thin; slender