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  1. tribulation
  2. poignant
  3. attenuate
  4. convivial
  5. fulsome
  1. a make thin; weaken
  2. b painfully touching; piercing
  3. c suffering; distress
  4. d offensive because of insincerity; repulsive; disgusting
  5. e fond of eating and drinking with friends; jovial

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  1. submit servilely to a superior
  2. weakly sentimental and tearful
  3. showing deep regret and sorrow for wrongdoing; deeply penitent; repentant
  4. plump and attractive
  5. long and thin; slender

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  1. glumcharacterized by festivity


  2. dejectedsad; in low spirits; depressed


  3. lamentablepitiable; rueful


  4. obesevery fat; corpulent; porky


  5. adulationexcessive praise; flattery