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  1. Brain Stem
  2. Proximal
  3. Bipolar Neuron
  4. Central Canal
  5. Dorsal
  1. a The small CSF-filled channel that runs the length of the spinal cord
  2. b The part of the brain on which the cerebral hemispheres rest; in general, it regulates reflex activities that are critical for survival
  3. c Nearer the central core of the body
  4. d A neuron with two processes extending from its cell body
  5. e Toward the surface of the back of a vertebrate or toward the top of the head

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  1. Any slices of brain tissue cut in plane that is parallel to the side of the brain
  2. The delicate, innermost meninx
  3. A neuron with one process extending from its cell body
  4. Nerves that carry sensory signals to the central nervous system; sensory nerves
  5. The portion of the nervous system within the skull and spine

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  1. Arachnoid MembraneThe meninx that is located between the dura mater and the pia mater and has the appearance of a gauzelike spiderweb


  2. Nissl StainA neural stain that has an affinity for structures in neuron cell bodies


  3. Somatic Nervous System (SNS)The part of the peripheral nervous system that participates in the regulation of the body's internal environment


  4. Columnar OrganizationThe functional organization of the neocortex in vertical columns; the cells in each column form a mini-circuit that performs a single function


  5. ContralateralThe small CSF-filled channel that runs the length of the spinal cord