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  1. Dorsal Root Ganglia
  2. Arachnoid Membrane
  3. Electron Microscopy
  4. Stellate Cells
  5. Myelin
  1. a The meninx that is located between the dura mater and the pia mater and has the appearance of a gauzelike spiderweb
  2. b A neuroanatomical technique used to study the fine details of cellular structure
  3. c A fatty insulating substance found in the extensions of glial cells
  4. d Small star-shaped cortical interneurons
  5. e Structures just outside the spinal cord that are composed of the cell bodies of dorsal root axons

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  1. The two ventral arms of the spinal gray matter
  2. The colorless fluid that fills the subarchanoid space, the central canal, and the cerebral ventricles
  3. Projecting from one side of the body to the other
  4. Glial cells that respond to injury or disease by engulfing cellular debris and triggering inflammatory responses
  5. The part of the brain on which the cerebral hemispheres rest; in general, it regulates reflex activities that are critical for survival

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  1. Dorsal HornsThe two ventral arms of the spinal gray matter


  2. Schwann CellsThe glial cells that compose the myelin sheaths of PNS axons and promote their regeneration


  3. TractsBundles of axons in the central nervous system


  4. GangliaClusters of neuronal cell bodies in the peripheral nervous system


  5. Efferent NervesThe 12 pairs of nerves extending from the brain (e.g., the optic nerves, the olfactor nerves, and the vagus nerves)