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  1. Sagittal Sections
  2. Medial
  3. Posterior
  4. Ipsilateral
  5. Thalamus
  1. a On the same side of the body
  2. b Toward the tail end of a vertebrate or toward the back of the head
  3. c The large two-lobed diencephalic structure that constitutes the anterior end of the brain stem; may of its nuclei are sensory relay nuclei that project to the cortex
  4. d Toward the midline of the body of a vertebrate
  5. e Any slices of brain tissue cut in plane that is parallel to the side of the brain

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  1. Toward the top of the primate head
  2. Structures just outside the spinal cord that are composed of the cell bodies of dorsal root axons
  3. The two dorsal arms of the spinal gray matter
  4. The gland that dangles from, and is controlled by, the hypothalamus
  5. A neuron with more than two processes extending from its cell body

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  1. AstrocytesBundles of axons in the peripheral nervous system


  2. Hypothalamusthe diencephalic structure that sits just below the anterior portion of the thalamus; it plays a role in motivated behaviors, in part by controlling the pituitary gland


  3. Cross SectionThe part of the brain on which the cerebral hemispheres rest; in general, it regulates reflex activities that are critical for survival


  4. Ventral HornsThe small CSF-filled channel that runs the length of the spinal cord


  5. Cerebral VentriclesThe four CSF-filled internal chambers of the brain: the two lateral ventricles, the third ventricle, and the fourth ventricle