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  1. Nissl Stain
  2. Golgi Stain
  3. Sympathetic Nerves
  4. Pyramidal Cells
  5. Subarachnoid Space
  1. a A neural stain that has an affinity for structures in neuron cell bodies
  2. b Those motor nerves of the autonomic nervous system that projects from the CNS in the lumbar and thoracic areas of the spinal cord
  3. c The space beneath the arachnoid membrane, which contains many large blood vessels and cerebrospinal fluid
  4. d A neural stain that completely darkens a few of the neurons in each slice of tissue, thereby revealing their silhouettes
  5. e Large multipolar cortical neurons with a pyramid-shaped cell body, an apical dendrite, and a very long axon

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  1. The networks of capillaries that protrude into the ventricles from the pia mater and continuously produce cerebrospinal fluid
  2. The portion of the nervous system within the skull and spine
  3. Nerves that carry sensory signals to the central nervous system; sensory nerves
  4. Toward the top of the primate head
  5. The two dorsal arms of the spinal gray matter

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  1. Cranial NervesThe 12 pairs of nerves extending from the brain (e.g., the optic nerves, the olfactor nerves, and the vagus nerves)


  2. Central CanalProjecting from one side of the body to the other


  3. Columnar OrganizationSection cut at a right angle to any long, narrow structure of the CNS


  4. Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)The colorless fluid that fills the subarchanoid space, the central canal, and the cerebral ventricles


  5. PosteriorToward the nose end of a vertebrate