Which of the following generalizations about group voting tendencies is true?
) African American Democrats tend to support the more liberal candidates within their party
Political socialization is the process by which
political values are passed to the next generation
Which of the following is the most important influence on the choice made by voters in presidential elections?
Partisan identification
Diversity of public policy throughout the United States is primarily a consequence of
The largest amount of political coverage in newspapers during presidential campaigns is devoted to
day-to-day campaign activities
Which of the following best characterizes the influence of the news media on public opinion in the United States
they affect which issues the public thinks are important
The most common form of political activity undertaken by United States citizens is
voting in presidential elections
An important change in political culture since 1950 is that United States citizens have become
less trusting of governmental institutions and leaders
Of the following groups of eligible voters, which is least likely to vote?
the young with low education levels
Of the following, which best predicts the likelihood that citizens will vote
their educational level
Public opinion can have all of the following roles in the formation of a policy agenda EXCEPT
) providing experts to help develop policy
The least important agent in molding public opinion among the young would probably be
peer group members
Media influence on the formation of public opinion has been criticized for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
heightening general interest in public issues
Both the Republican and Democratic Parties
usually embrace a moderate approach to solving society's problems
All of the following are forms of political participation EXCEPT
serving in the military
All of the following statements about public opinion are true EXCEPT
legislators must consult public opinion before deciding how to vote on an issue
Political protests and demonstrations are
an unusual but legitimate form of political participation
Which of the following best describes the relationship between educational background and participation in politics?
the more schooling one has, the more likely one is to vote
The term "gender gap" refers to
differences in political opinions between men and women
Which of the following statements about public opinion polling is TRUE?
overly technical questions may cause sampling error
The most accurate way to measure public opinion is generally through
a stratified or quota sample
Which of the following persons would be most likely to vote
a white, middle-aged attorney from the West
Reapportionment of seats in the House of Representatives occurs
every 10 years as a result of the census report
A journalist who regularly reports on predictions about the stock market would probably be on which of the following beats?
Federal Reserve Board
When a child's parents both identify strongly with the same political party, the child will most likely
identify with the parents' party
Which of the following demographic groups has voted most consistently for the Democratic Party in national elections over the last three decades?
African Americans
The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (McCain-Feingold) did which of the following?
It banned soft money donations to national parties
Citizens who believe that their votes will have no effect on the outcome of an election have a
low level of political efficacy
When contributing to congressional campaigns, PACs are most likely to contribute to
incumbents of both major parties
Which the effects of income and education are eliminated, which of the following statements about voting rates is true?
Black citizens vote at a higher rate than White