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The terms "fiscal federalism" and "cooperative federalism" refer to situations which

federal, state, and local governments work together to complete a project, with the federal government providing much of the project funding

Of the following, which has been used most to expand the power of the national government?

the commerce clause of the Constitution

The procedure for formally amending the U.S. Constitution best illustrates which of the following?

The federal structure of the United States government

States and localities have the most discretion in establishing policy when federal funding is derived from

block grants

Which of the following is true under the system of checks and balances?

The Senate must ratify treaties negotiated by the President before they become law

In the Federalist #10, James Madison argued that factions in a republic are

natural but controllable by institutions

Which of the following actions by the federal government best illustrates the concept of unfunded mandates?

Requiring states and municipalities to provide certain services for their citizens without providing resources to pay for those services

Which of the following was the most important effect of replacing the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution of 1787?

the creation of a strong national government

All of the following serve as checks on the power of the federal courts EXCEPT:

the voters can oust federal judges in national elections

In Marbury v. Madison, the Supreme Court assumed the power to

decide on the constitutionality of a law or an executive action

Refers to the next 2 questions: "We are unanimously of opinion, that the law by the legislature of Maryland, imposing a tax on the Bank of the United States, is unconstitutional and void. . .this is a tax on the operation of an instrument employed by the government of the Union to carry its powers into execution. Such a tax must be unconstitutional. . .

This decision of the Supreme Court upheld the principle that

) Congress has the power to make laws to carry out its constitutional duties

Which of the following resulted from this Supreme Court decision?

The power of the national government was strengthened

Which of the following statements reflects a pluralist theory of American politics?

Public policies emerge from compromises reached among competing groups

In the Constitution as originally ratified in 1788, the provisions regarding which of the following most closely approximate popular, majoritarian democracy?

Elections of members of the House of Representatives

Which of the following best defines the constitutional interpretation of federalism?

) The federal government and the states have separate but overlapping powers; where these powers conflict the federal government prevails

All of the following issues were decided at the Constitutional Convention EXCEPT

voting qualifications of the electorate

The framers of the Constitution all believed that one of the primary functions of government is

protecting individual property rights

In The Federalist papers, James Madison expressed the view that political factions

are undesirable but inevitable in a free nation

For the next two questions: The Congress shall have power. . . .to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof.

Interpretations of this clause have been central to attempts to define the nature of which of the following aspects of the U.S. political system?


The practical effect of this clause has been to

allow the national government to extend its powers beyond those enumerated in the Constitution

The most common form of political activity undertaken by the United States citizens is

voting in presidential elections

All of the follwing are consequences of the federal system in the United States EXCEPT

a strict division of power among levels of government

In contrast to revenue sharing, categorical grants-in-aid provide state and lcoal governments with

) funds to administer programs clearly specified by the federal government

As originally ratified, the United States Constitution included provisions designed to

increase the economic powers of the central government

Which of the following accurately characterizes the main difference between elite theories and pluralist theories of politics in the United States?

) Elite theories argue that a single minority dominates politics in all policy areas; pluralist theories argue that many minorities compete for power in different policy areas

Which of the following is an example of checks and balances, as established by the Constitution?

the requirement that presidential appointments to the Supreme Court be approved by the Senate

The importance of Shay's Rebellion to the development of the United States Constitution was that it

indicated that a strong, constitutionally designed national government was needed to protect property and maintain order

In a federal system of government, political power is primarily

divided between the central government and regional governments

In McCulloch v Maryland, the Supreme Court established which of the following principles?

States cannnot interfere with or tax the legitimate activities of the federal government

The reserved powers of the state governments can best be described as those powers

not specifically granted to the national government or denied to the states

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