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Which of the following is a correct statement about political action committees (PAC's)?

The amount of money that PAC's can contribute directly to an individual candidate is limited by law

The use of direct primaries instead of the convention system in selecting presidential candidates results in which of the following?

A weakening of party control over nominations
- An increase in the number of people involved in the choice of candidates

Which of the following factors best accounts for the rise of interest groups and the decline of political parties in recent years

Interest groups are better able to articulate specific policy positions than are political parties

Over the past 20 years, reforms of the presidential nomination process have had which of the following effects?

The number of female delegates and minority-group delegates at Democratic national conventions has grown substantially.

Which of the following is true of the electoral college system?

) It encourages candidates to concentrate their campaigns in competitive, populous states

The primary reason for the current existence of only two major politcal parties in the United States is that

a winner-take-all electoral system makes it difficult for new parties to emerge and survive

An interest group would likely have the greatest influence on policy matters involving

narrow issues, only a few interest groups, and technical information

Whcih of the following accurately characterizes the main difference between elite theories an pluralist theories of politics in the United States?

Elite theories argue that a single minority dominates politics in all policy areas; pluralist theories argue that many minorities compete for power in different policy areas

Political parties serve which of the following functions in the U.S.?

I. Informing the public about political issues
II. Mobilizing voters and getting them to the polls.
III. Organizing diverse interests within society

The primary election system of selecting presidential candidates has had which of the following effects?

It has loosened the hold of party leaers over the nomination process

An interest group is most likely to have influence in Congress when the issue at stake

) is narrow in scope and low in public visibility

A primary election in which voters are reuired to identify a party preference before the election and are not allowed to split their ticket is called

a closed primary

When selecting a vice-presidential candidate, a presidential nominee is usually concerned primarily with choosing a running mate who

adds balance and appeal to the national ticket

The primary function of political action committees (PAC's) is to

serve as fund-raising organizations for challengers

Registered voters directly elect which of he following?

III. Members of the Senate
IV Members of the House of Representatives

Which of the following is a significant trend in the presidential nominating process over the past three decades?

) Increasing importance of presidential primaries rather than state conventions

Interest groups and political parties both promote United States democracy by

linking citizens to the political process

Public monies are used to help finance which of the following campaigns?


Critical elections in the United States typically have occurred

when groups of voters have changed their traditional patterns of party

The largest amount of political coverage in newspapers during presidential campaigns is devoted to

day-to-day campaign activities

A state has 11 electoral votes. In a presidential election, the Democratic candidate receives 48 percent of that state's popular vote, the Republican candidate receives 40 percent of the vote, and an independent candidate receives 12 percent of the vote. If the state is similar to most other states, how will the electoral votes most likely be allocated?

The Democratic candidate will receive all 11 electoral votes

Which of the following is the most accurate statement about political parties in the U.S.?

the percentage of voters identifying themselves as either Democrats or Republicans has been declining since the 1970's

Which of the following form an "iron triangle"

Executive department, Congressional committee, interest group

An election involving more than two candidates in which the person who receives the most votes is the winner is called

a plurality election

The statement "America has a pluralistic political system" means

many interest groups compete in the political arena to influence public policy

Which of the following statements reflects an elitist view of American politics?

) American politics are dominated by the military-industrial complex

In a single-member district, plurality vote system,

the candidate with the most votes represents the district

Which of the following is a FALSE statement about the Democratic Party's national convention?

It selects the state party chairmen

Given the current method of electing the president, which of the following is NOT possible?

) A presidential candidate with a majority of the electoral vote fails to be elected president

Which of the following statements is true about political action committees (PACs)?

The number of PACs has grown dramatically between 1973 and the present

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