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liquid gaining energy going up the scale


liquid loose energy going down the scale
ex.* freezing somethin ice cubes


solid -> liquid


liquid -> solid


*water vapor


solid-> gas *can be dry ice, rock salt, air fresheners, etc.

charles's law

if the temprature increases the volume increaces

what unitcan wieght be expressed?

newtons and pounds (lbs)

what unit can mass be measured in ?

grams, and kilograms

liquid volume can be expressed in what???

l , mL

solid volume can be expressed in what???


what are the three formulas used for the topic of density???


what is the formula to find the volume of a retagle???


what is volume???

volume is the amount taken up, or occupied by an object

what is mass???

mass is the amount of matter something is made up of

what is weight???

weight is the gravitational force exerted from and object

what is the diffrece of mass and weight

mass- is measured on a tripple beam ballance
weight - is measured on a spring scale

what are phisical changes?????

when matter can be oberved or measured without changing the compisition of the object

what are chemical chages???

a chemical change is the abbility to change into a whole new substance with a diffrent state
ex. wood burning in to ash, smoke

how can you find the volume of a irregular object ???

such as gas, you know a volume of a container, use that container open the lid then close it and you have a gass'(air) volume

what is a miniscus???

a graduated cilinder measuring a volume of a small object such as a marble

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