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Cologne - recently redeemed from France. Liberal state.
o Successful journalist - force for progress for economics and liberalism.
o Described Communism
§ Influence over Germany
§ Public property had been private property - problems over wood.
· Private - theft
· Solutions: freedom of press, more secular approach to divorce.
· Russian government suppressed the paper.
· Paris
o Refugees of Prussian censorship and young revolutionaries
o Moved after marrying Jenny.
o Editor of Germany-French magazine
§ Classes are politically and unconscious of class. Change in Germany will follow change in France.
§ Suppressed again
o Engels comes to visit and support Marx
§ Materialist conception of history
· Ideas as motivating force of change
· Political economy is from labor and attributes nothing to labor and all to private property
· Intellectual production changes as material production changes
· Ideas of change are the ideas of the ruling class
· Social truth serves important economic interest
o Germany undergoes social revolution and not political revolution
§ Not peaceful change but revolution
§ Leads to Marx's expulsion
§ Goes to Brussels
· Brussels
o Communist League
o Communist Manifesto
§ History of class struggles
· Always ends in revolution or ruin classes
· The bourgeoisie increased urban population and rescue population from rural life - created more productive forces
· Praise of capitalism and its promise of extinctions
· Revolution is inevitable
o Proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains.
o Overthrow
· Income tax, free educations, armies, etc reforms postpone forcible overthrow- Marx defeats himself
The bourgeoisie revolution (capitalist revolutions) had to come first before revolution of workers could succeed.
Prussia (greatest hopes for revolutionary success)

Marx moves London
3 great tasks:
o Forming ideas to guide revolution
o Creating the force to lead revolution
o Making money
NY Tribune foreign writer
o Lives in SoHo, money troubles, 6 children, 3 died, he lives poorly, Vindictive, desire for power.
o Moved to Hampstead...
· In England, he had freedom of thought and expression.
"regicide"? England allowed the conspiracy
o Das Kapital
§ Ricardo - Labor theory of property
§ Marx:
Labor gave product value
Surplus Value = profit is available for investment in industrial capital
Capitalist is beneficiary now not the landlord
Capitalist prospered & Workers live at bare minimum through low wages and unemployment via reserved army
Profits are used for investment to gobble up smaller capitalists. Individual capitalists would grow stronger.

Capitalist concentration
o System as a whole would become weaker since it based on politics which rested on smaller numbers
§ Falling rate of profit - system vulnerable to overthrow
o Revolt of working class organized by capitalism itself.
o Centralization of means of production and socialization of labor reach a point where they are incompatible with their capitalists
o His instrument was an organization of workers of various countries (the proletariat) who knew no motherland
§ Born in London at a meeting attended by 2000.
§ Calls for limits on working hours, State education.
§ Bismark -
· Went to war with Napoleon III
· Proletarians rallied to defense of their homelands
o "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"
o First great Revolution in his name = Russia
o Marx after Death
§ Economic Determinism
· Economics shaping political institutions
· How we earn living explains how we act, how we are governed