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A motor nuron and all of the skeletal muscle cells it stimulates is called a ______?

Motor unit

The axon of each motor neuron has numerous endings called______?

Axon terminals

The actual gap between an axonal ending and the muscle cell is called a ______?

Synaptic cleft

Within the axonal endings are many small vesicles containing a neurotransmitter substance called _____?


When the _____ reaches the ends of the axon, the neurotransmitter is released, and it diffuses to the muscle cell muscle cell membrane to combine with receptors there

Nerve impulse

Prime mover

The muscle that has the major responsibility for causing a particular movement


Muscles that oppose or reverse a movement


Help prime movers by producing the same movement or by reducing undesirable movements


Are specialized synergist


1 outside muscle


2 surrounds fascicle


3 bundle of muscle cells


4 Around muscle cell

Thick filament

Middle part, that has myosin

Thin filaments

Attached to the z discs, that has actin filaments


5 filamentous organelle

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