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Water Cycle
The continuous process by which water moves from Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back
Earth's surface covered by water
70 percent (3/4)
what provides the energy for water to move thru water cycle
The sun
To change from a liquid to a gas
what heats up the water particles near ocean surface
water vapor
Invisible gas found in the air
A mixture of gases that surrounds Earth.
what in the atmosphere cools to form clouds?
water vapor
Earth's surface is cover by clouds
3/5 or 60%
The change from a gas to a liquid
billion of droplets form?
A visible collection of tiny water droplets or at colder temperatures, ice crystals floating in the air above the surface.
A cloud at ground level.
water vapor condenses around salt and dust particles in the air to form these
water droplets
water droplets collide and join together to form
a single raindrop
air currents
predicable,common,patterns of air movement due to differences in temperture.
any form of water that falls to the Earths surface
forms of percipation
rain, snow, sleet, or hail
The water stored underground
water that flows over the ground surface rather than soaking into the ground
A large mass (or body) of slowly moving ice
It is water resulting from the melting of glacier ice and snow.
A body of rock or sediment that stores groundwater and allows the flow of groundwater.(Huge underground water reservoirs)
60,000 square kilometer
The Florida Aquifer
how much water is pumped out of the Florida Aquifer?
Billions of Liters each day
recharge areas
Places where precipitation adds to an aquifer.
how long may it take for groundwater in an aquifier to reach rivers,streams, lakes and oceans
1 year to move 25cm
how thick is the Earth's atmosphere
600km or 372 miles
A mixture of gases that surrounds Earth. (Nitrogen & Oxygen)
Conditions in the atmosphere closest to the Earth's surface.
air tempature
how warm or cool the air is around us
The amount of water vapor in the air
high humidity
air feels damp
low humidity
air feels dry
water that falls to earth
air pressure
Force exerted by air on a surface.
A tool used to measure air pressure
What effects air pressure
Temperature, humidity and distance above sea level
cold air is denser then warm air, which means air pressure is higher in cold areas then warm areas?
air pressure ________ as elevation or distance above sea level increase
Average air pressure at sea level is
Air pressure is ______at the base of a mountain than at its top
the higher you climb to the top of the mountain the atmosphere ____ and air pressure ____
thins, decreases
Air moving from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure
global winds
Large masses of moving air caused by uneven heating between the equator and the poles
local winds
Caused by unequal heating of the Earth's surface in a small area, move short distances and can change directions
wind vanes
It is a tool that shows wind direction (North, South, East & West).
measures wind speed
sea breeze
Cool air blowing off the ocean during the day
land breeze
A cool wind that flows from the land to the warmer water.
cumulus clouds
cirrus clouds
Thin, feathery and white clouds found at high altitudes. They form when wind is strong and they get thicker when a change in the weather is coming.
stratus clouds
Clouds that form in flat layers and usually cover all or most of the sky and are a dull, gray color
Starts as an ice crystal in the top of a cloud and gets too heavy to stay in the cloud and falls
freezing rain
raindrops that freeze after they hit the ground or other cold surfaces
Forms when rain falls through a layer of freezing air. Turns to ice before hitting the ground.
An ice crystal that keeps getting blown back upinto the cloud until it gets too heavy and falls to earth
rain guage
measure the amount of rain fall
too much percipitation causes
too little percipitation causes
A person who forecast the weather and studies the climate patterns.
weather buoys
Record the weather conditions in the ocean that affect the atmosphere.
weather monitoring stations
Record the weather conditions on the land that affect the atmosphere.
doppler radar
What tool is used to study the movement of weather?
in the US how many weather buoys collect data?
nearly 100
weather satellites
orbit earth;provide images of weather systems;and measure wind speed,humidity,and temperatures at different altitudes.
weather balloons
carry scientific instruments up into the atmosphere. The instruments measure temperature, air pressure, and humidity
air mass
a body of air that has about the same temperature and moisture throughout
A boundary between two air masses
cold front
forms when cold air moves under warm air which is less dense and pushes air up (produces thunderstorms heavy rain or snow
warm front
A front where warm air moves over cold air and brings drizzly rain and then are followed by warm and clear weather.
weather forecast
This is a scientific estimate of the weather conditions at some future time.
weather forecast beyond 7 days is
not very accurate
meteorologist forecast weather bases on
local weather. Air temperature, humidity, air pressure data, weather patterns
North America air masses and fronts move ____ to ____
west to east
weather maps
shows location of fronts and areas of high and low pressure
weather map symbols for warm front
red with half circles points in the direction they are moving
weather map symbols for cold front
blue with triangles points in the direction they are moving