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Kublai Khan

He ruled all of China as well as Korea, Tibet and Vietnam.

Marco Polo

He was an Italian merchant. He spent 17 years in Kublai's service.

Zheng He

He commanded first of the 7 expeditions.


porcelain with an unusual blue-green glaze.


alphabet using symbols to represent the sounds of spoken Korean.

Literacy rate

or percentage of people who can read and write.


ruled from 668 to 918


dynasty built their capital at Kaesong (keh sung) following the plan of the Tang capital at Chang'an.



Yi Song-gye

Korean general Yi Song-gye (ee sung keh) set up the Choson dynasty.


In 1443, Korea's most celebrated ruler, King Sejong (seh jong) decided to replace the complex Chinese system of writing.

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