4 level analysis polish style

What are the 5 parts of a sentence?
Subject, predicate, direct object, indirect object, subject complement
If the verb is action you will find a.....
Direct object
If the verb is linking you will find a....
Subject complement
What is a phrase?
A phrase has no subject and predicate, and acts like a singly part of speech
What types of phrases are there?
Appositives, verbals and prepositionals
What kinds of verbals are there?
Gerunds, infinitives and participles
What are gerunds?
Look like -ing verbs but act like nouns
What are infinitives?
They are the to form of a verb but act like an adjective, adverb or noun
What are participles?
They end in -Ed,-en or -ing, and act like adjectives.
What are the different types of sentence structures?
Simple (code I) compound(code I,ccI or I;I) complex ( code D and I) compound-complex (code I; ID or DI,ccI)