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an electronic application your use to perform numeric calculations and to analyze and present numeric data

by the formula bar and the cells address

where is the Name Box located and whats in the name box

at the bottom of the spreadsheet

where are sheet tabs located


are entries that contain txt and numerical info not used in calculations

just start typing

you can edit the contents of an active cell

what is the active cell and how do you know a cell is active

has a dark rectangle that outlines the rectangle


possible paper orientations for printing a worksheet are landscape and....


the cell in which you are working in is the ______ cell


clicking the ______ button sums the adjacent range above or to the left

cell pointer

a dark rectangle that outlines the cell in which your are working is the _____

cell address

identified by the coordinates of the intersecting column and row is the _____

insertion point

as soon as you click the formula bar, it appears on the formula bar at the location where new txt will be inserted is the _____


you can use predesigned, formatted files called_____ to create new worksheets quickly

above the ruler

where is the formula


the excel operator for division is ______


you can use the ________ keys on the keyboard to navigate a worksheet

by the insert function button and a check mark

where is the enter button located and what does the enter button look like

equal sign

in a worksheet, the ________ is called the formula prefix

in between the print and zoom button and a piece of paper with a printer

in print preview what does the page setup button look like and where is it located

what if analysis

any time you use a worksheet to ask the question what if you are performing the ________


are equations in a worksheet

in the editing group and looks like an E

where is the autosum button located and what does it look like

status bar

provides a brief description of the active command or task in progress is ______


a selection of two or more cells is _______

automaticly recalculates

in an electronicspreadsheet, excel ________ when you change the enteries


you are in ___ mode any time you are entering or changing the contents of a cell

page layout

in ______ ________ view the dotted line indicates the print area


are excels built in formulas

page layout

________ view shows the worksheet with certain details like headers and footers or tools like rulers and a page number indicator

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