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(am-nE-O nI-tis)
Inflammation of the amnion (innermost membrane around fetus)
The escape of the amniotic fluid
ante partum
The period before the onset of labor
FYI- Specifically, the ante partum period is the period between conception and labor
anteflexion of uterus
Condition present when the uterus is abnormally bent forward
(an-tE nA-tul)
Pertaining to before birth
The use of a finger to push sharply against the uterus and detect the presence or position of a fetus
A semisynthetic glucocorticoid that has anti-inflammatory effects and toxicity similar to those of cortisol; trade name is Celestone
(kat-uh mE-nE-uh)
The condition of monthly discharge of blood from the uterus
cephalopelvic disproportion
Condition where the head of the fetus is too large for the mother's pelvis
Encircling of a part with a ring or loop, such as encirclement of the incompetent cervix uteri
Excision of the cervix uteri ( or cervix)
chorionic villi
One of the thread-like projections growing in tufts on the external surface of the chorion
Alternate involuntary muscular contraction and partial relaxation in rapid succession (as seen during active childbirth)
(kahl pek-tuh-mE)
Excision of the vagina
STUDY TIP: "colp" means vagina
The surgical repair of the vagina and perineum (as is done after an episiotomy)
The operation of suturing the vagina; the operation of denuding and suturing the vaginal wall for the purpose of narrowing the vagina
Incision into the wall of the vagina
Aspiration of fluid from the rectouterine excavation by puncture of the vaginal wall
Refers to the (bloody) mucous lining of the uterus that comes off after childbirth
Fever decreased
descensus uteri
Prolapse of the uterus
(dis tO-sE-uh)
Abnormal labor or childbirth (abnormally slow or difficult)
Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the cervix uteri (or cervix, usually due to infection)
A tumor containing shreds of ectopic (displaced) endometruim
The condition of a good, normal childbirth
A vaulted space (usually refers to the space formed by a prolapsed cervix)
gamete intrafallopian transfer
A procedure that places the sperm and eggs directly in the fimbriated (having a fringed border) end of the fallopian tube via a laparoscope
Gelfoam pack
An absorbable gelatin sponge
a pregnant woman
Hegar dilator
A slender, flexible instrument used for dilating the cervix
A collection of blood in the fallopian tube that may be associated with tubal pregnancy
hydatid of Morgagni
A cyst-like remnant of the mullerian duct attached to a testis or to the oviduct (fallopian tube)
*hyperemesis gravidarum
(hI-per em-E-sis) (grav-ih dah-rum)
Excessive vomiting during pregnancy
Lembert's suture
A type of suture used in a cesarean section
The vaginal discharge that occurs during the first week or two after childbirth
Uterine bleeding, usually of normal amount, occurring at completely irregular intervals, the period of flow sometimes being prolonged
Intermenstrual pain that occurs during ovulation
Monilia vaginitis
An inflammation of the vagina caused by a fungus of the genus Moniliaceae
The condition of having two or more
pregnancies that resulted in viable fetuses
Having never given birth to a viable infant
Inflammation of an ovary
The measurement of the dimensions and capacity of the pelvis
Pfannenstiel's incision
A curved abdominal incision named for Hermann Johann Pfannenstiel, a gynecologist in Breslua
Abnormally frequent menstruation
STUDY TIP: "poly-" means many
pruritus vulvae
Intense itching of the external genitals of the female
(reh-trO flek-shun)
The bending backward of the body of the uterus toward the cervix
The afterbirth
Inhibition of uterine contractions
Parasitic protozoa that causes urogenital infection
(ves-ih-kO yoo-ter-in)
Pertaining to or communicating with the urinary bladder and the uterus