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(Types of Macro Environments)
The larger environment context
-geographical regions
Micro environments
small local "arena" constructed by people
Certain micro environments have the effect of facilitating communication
Socio-petal Environment
bring people together and stimulate interaction
engages communication, Example: people sitting across from each other on a date
Socio-fugal environment
inhibit communication and keep people apart
chairs parralel shoulder to shoulder
What do straight lines reflect about a culture? (Socio-fugal environment)
a culture that is production base, keeps people from talking
examples of micro environments
micro environmental factors such as ______ affect communication
how do micro environments affect communication
-by providing context
-because they are nonverbal messages themselves
-it communicates who you are and can lead to impressions/ perceptions
(micro enviroments)
Architectural items can influence our?
(Micro environments)
The way we manipulate our world sends messages about?
-who we are
-what we value
-how we want others to treat us
Certain micro environments have the effect of facilitating?
(Micro environments)
Sociofugal environments are often
modern or technologically oriented
6 perception of environment
Formality, Warmth, privacy, Familiarity, constraint, Distance
Physical attractiveness
cultural-derived perceptions of beauty, formed by features of our appearance
How we are drawn towards other people inter-personally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and/ or sexually
Physically attractive people are percieved better than Unattractive on?
many "socially desirable evaluations"
Unattractive evaluated as
less pleasant, less involved socially, hospitalized longer, measures for depression include change in your perception of your physical attraction
Teachers view attractive children as having
more intelligence, more social skills, more education potential, more positive attitudes towards school
attractiveness is associated with being
vain, egotistical, snobbish
Unsympathetic towards those oppressed
more likely to have marriage problems
Physical Attractive is an advantage in getting
hired, more prestigious job, higher salary
Bloopsie effect. or boopsie effect
If your attractive you cant get a job done, true for women not for males
PA makes females more attractive
-less masculine
-higher forehead
-fuller lips
-shorter jaw
-smaller nose and chin
PA make male more attractive
-more masculine
-smaller eyes
-thicker eyebrows
-thinner lips
-squarer jaw
what types of facial symmetry are viewed as more attractive?
Vertical and horizontal
babyish faces are attributed with being
weaker, niave, submissive
Taller men reported
-self esteem
-rate of leadership positions
-performance evaluations
our sense of ownership of an object, a particular space, person, or even time
Territoriality shows a since of?
Territoriality is about what type of space
personal and special
How is territoriality influenced
it is influenced by personality and associations
Dominance leads to
Dominance> territoriality
Dominance is the use of
verbal and nonverbal means to defend territory from outsiders
physical number of things in a space that have the potential to restrict or interfere with activities and achievement of goals (hard number)
a psychological reaction based on perception of spatial restrictions (choice)
How are perception of crowding influenced?
influenced by our perceived ability to control and influence our physical and social surrondings
Density doesn't automatically increase
stress or antisocial behavior
A person's stress or anti social behavior when pertaining to density depends on?
Coping skills
Locus of control (Julia Rotner)
ET Hall
worked with distance and space, gave us the range and the names of each those
Et hall research about people choosing closer distance
perceived as warm, likeable, empathic, understanding
Zone of space
0-19 inches
1.5-4 feet
4 ft- 12ft
12ft- beyond
Factors influencing space management
-subject matter
-physical characteristics
Gender- influencing space mangement
female to female = closest
male to male = farthest
Age- influencing space mangement
by age 10 children are expected to know and act according to the adult rules of space and distance
Culture- influencing space mangement
contact vs. noncontact culture
-think mexico kisses cheeks
Subject matter- influencing space mangement
generally negative perception you have a greater distance
if you are in an argument you stand away from the person
Physical characteristics- influencing space mangement
taller yield more space
obvious physical dissimilarities
Personality - influencing space mangement
introverts use more space
When people talk they can be seen making spontaneous movements called?
McNeill (Hand and mind) about gestures
Speech and gestures operate as an inseparable unit reflecting different aspect
- Gestures exhibit images that can't be expressed in speech, as well as images we think are concealed
- our way of seeing inner thoughts
2 types of Gestures (Mcneil)
Speech independent, Speech dependent
Gestures express images that can't be concealed
in speech
Gestures can exhibit images that the speaker thinks are?
Speech independent
direct verbal translation
Speech dependent
speech related, tied directly to speech
Speech independent Synonms
Emblems, automous
Speech dependent synoms
speech attendants, illustrators
nonverbal act that can be accurately turned into eords
speech independent gestures
70% agreement among culture, single gesture
last longer than verbal messages
emblems in the face are distinguished from expression in the space
because they are more stlyized and usually last longer
where can gestures appear?
begining end or in place of a verbal message
4 speech related gestures
1. gestures related to the speakers referent, concrete or abstract
2. Gestures indicating the speakers relationship to the referent
3. Gestures that act as a visual punction for the speakers discourse
4. gestures that assist in the regulation and organization of the spoken dialogue btw two interactants
Referent related gestures (speaker)
gestures to characterize the content of our speech, sometime fairly concrete while other times vague and abstract ideas
--pointing movements
Relationship to referent (speaker)
these are about our orientation to the referent rather than characterizing the nature of the thing we are talking about
- palms up indicate closeness
Punctuation (speaker)
THAT women, using explationmarks as you speak
Interactive Gestures
acknolege the other person relative to the speaker, NOT "speaker only" monologue
- Help regulate and organize, main function to include the other in the conversation
William S. Condom
found Self-Synchrony, Speech body orientation are coordinated by 1/24second
speech-body orientation are coordinated to 1/24th second; involves hands, head, voice
- often stressed syllables occur simultaneously with- gestural strokes and eye blink
Interaction Synchrony
Synchrony between two speakers
Matching or Chameleon effect- memic facail expression, posture, and other behavior we interact with
Matching effect intionally and uncousious
intionally show affiliation sometimes, with a rapport (harmonious) goal we uncousiously memic behavior