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a proposed law given to the legislative for approval


the national legislature of the US Congress, it is divided into two houses; the Senate and the House of Representative


not allowed by the US constitution; illegal


power of the president to refuse to approve a bill passed by congress


to choose or name someone for an office or duty


a plan for how to spend the nation's money. Congress must approve the budget

commander in chief

highest leader of the military forces. In the US it is the President


to accuse a public official of committing a crime while he or she is in office


an official agreement between two or more governments or rulers


the bringing of a court case from a lower court to a higher court to be heard again


to join with others as a partner, member, or friend

federal courts

the courts of the national government. They deal with problems between states, with the constitution, and with laws made by congress.


to explain the meaning of something

judicial review

the power of the courts to say that the Constitution does not allow the government to do something

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